Friday, September 30, 2011

Thursday Late Night Date Night

A few months back, we purchased some movie tickets off of Groupon to Studio Movie Grill - a place that is seemingly a bar, a movie theatre, and a restaurant all wrapped up into one. We remembered this week that our tickets were due to expire soon so we had a spontaneous Thursday "late night date night". And when I say late...our movie started at 10:20 p.m. and we got home after 12 midnight. We saw Contangion...

We really liked Studio Movie Grill. A perfect date night spot. We will definitely be going back!

After we got our tickets, we turned around and noticed a bar. I was like, "What? A Bar?! Wow". In advance I knew the concept of them serving food at your table, but I didn't know the spot included a mini bar scene. Makes total sense. Very clever folks ; )

Lots of comfy seating....

There are Studio Movie Grill locations in Texas, Georgia and Arizona. They should bring them to many more cities because this concept is an excellent one!

Hallway leading to various movies that are showing....

Because we went on a Thursday night, the theatre wasn't packed so we didn't have anyone sitting next to us. You get a menu to order from {that is very extensive in food options} and you press a button on your table and a waiter comes and takes your order {you can also bring in any drinks that you purchase from the bar}. The food was not only reasonable priced, but was pretty good! Our Groupon promotion included two ticket vouchers for soft drinks. The seats are super comfy and recline. We had a great night out {thank you mom for coming over to stay with Ilah}!

All photos used with expression written permission
All photos by Wade Griffith of Wade Griffith Photography

Tonight we are going to our bible study small group and tomorrow consists of a car maintenance appointment {boo!} and a fun night out with the girls {yay}! Hope you all have a great weekend!!


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