Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Modern Office Desk by Uffix

Office desk
Office desk, modern design made in Italy with Uffix, desk top office desk in the exotic, such as creams, coloring in the wood, glass top table hard. Italian office desk ideal for multiple use for the sky world. Office desk with aluminum or wood finished modesty panel. Format of 3-Drawer storage chest or documents available to provide a writing desk with storage.
Modern Office Desk by Uffix

Monday, April 6, 2009

Modern Sofas Two-Piece Sectional Beach Two-Piece Microsuede Sectional
Checkered sofa consists of two pieces luks microfiber weave with leather-look frame vinyl large animal-print pillows add more and more comfortable. Sofa with top quality foam and poly-fiber pillow cushion, solid wood legs and frame the material quality. Texture is anti shabby sofa sofa is so very perfect for furniture collections room in the house you.

Cognac Seven Light Chandelier Seven Light Chandelier
Hanging lamp light illuminate seven very friendly rooms for each room house. Perfect for family room or a traditional design to create a collection can not survive. Collection: Royce Lighting Chandeliers Tuscany Collection

Home Styles Large Kitchen Cart Styles Large Kitchen Cart
Large kitchen cart provides extra storage in your kitchen. Ideal for food preparation or storage of equipment, the train is interesting quarters have wood with white finish. specialty spice rack with towel bar on one side, choose between granite, wood or peak rust-resistant steel.

Kitchen Cart with Closed Storage

Home Styles Expandable Kitchen Cart with Closed Storage
Kitchen Cart made of solid wood construction with decency, distinction, a rack that makes it easier to open the kitchen goods store, and drawer, towel bar, one door closes, and opens on each side of the area.
Home Styles Expandable Kitchen Cart with Closed Storage

Sharon Dining Chairs Set

Sharon Dining Chairs
These contests Chairs Sharon Coordinate with the dining table. Perfect solid wood from small dinner area. Dining table set is made from solid plantation-grown rubber wood quality. Of this table will be long lasting because in a choice of materials.

Dining Side Chair Side Chair
Dining Side Chair side chair; complete the building in white hardwood. Pole rounded table of table food with white to elegant dining in your home.

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Loft Designer Dining Table

Loft Designer Dining Table by Antonello Italia
Forms can be clearly identified in the varnish room table under the roof of the first guests. Foot is connected by structured lacquer translucent, allowing for strange smelting. Loft Designer Dining Table by Antonello Italia
Loft Designer Dining Table by Antonello Italia
Made in Italy, the space under the roof dining table is available in three forms: the four-facet, square and triangular. order / foot tables are available in shiny white or black) or mat white, black, silver or gold) lacquer wood. choice items, including dinner Clara leather seats with 17 top grain Italian leather color as the 5 genuine crocodile skin color print and 4 straw color imprint.

Antibodi Multicolor Chaise with Flowers Luxurious Materials

Antibodi Multicolor Chaise with Flowers
Luxurious materials and design pioneer crafts highest, create a multicolor antibody with horse-drawn carriage Lounge image flowers and style that modern marvel. Creative design, exceptional modern style Lounge for real conversation. Designed by world famous Patricia Urquiola and produced in Italy. Seat to some interest in contemporary settings.
Chaise with Flowers
Flower design from "cellular" events petal sewing in the form of trihedral, the pattern field. distinctive petal weave wool can touch the metal framework of rust-resistant steel. seating is good and solid. can be moved easily to clean.

Portofino King Bed Design Protection Head

Portofino King Bed Design Protection Head Portofino King Bed
The bed its designed with a graceful call. Only save you a pillow in bed. throw the rest of the framework is also low, with a modest lift the bed on the floor you. The bed of want protection for small head.

Leather/Leather Match Sofa Set Match Sofa Set
Sofa set with the elegant style you will never see the collection of sofa sets like this. With the skin so many lines with elegant contemporary. each slice furniture supported by black-finished, which extend out in all the slice and the furniture from the floor while giving this different. Perfect for a rest. For more information on this contemporary style sofa is here.

Modern Dining Table Rosa Designer, sophisticated, and artistic, the Rosa Dining Table features a wooden table top with a unique contrasting pedestal, suited to an elegant table setting.
Dramatic, experience design, and artistic, from Rosa specialty table top table comparing the unique rigid plinth, suitable for elegant table setting.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Alfreda Bathroom Lighting

Alfreda Bathroom Lighting
Lighting on the wall or vertically mounted horizontal sconce. Also in The Elf design is characterized by the bold Geometric Luminous appeal of floating cylinders. blow glass tube with sharply squared supports satin nickel. Lighting Details.

Modern Bedroom Set With Traditional Design

Modern Bedroom Set With Traditional Design Modern Bedroom Suite
Modern bedroom design,bedroom with traditional design,bedroom beautiful modern design in the bedroom with the beauty and comfort of a traditional order of the natural wood. Modern bedroom set will bring elegance in your bedroom. Please contact Spacify for information.

Boys Bedding With Go Team Comforter Set.

Boys Bedding With Go Team Comforter Set. Go Team Comforter Set.
Boy's bedding with a set of football to Twin your children sleep at night. Or afternoon nap be comfortable with the quality and comfort of this beautiful ensemble. Suitable for some rooms.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Living The Kitchen Modern Design The Kitchen Modern Design Living the kitchen
Living the kitchen Living The Kitchen Modern Design
In the kitchen design so neat and clean and decorate with a light chair, with the kitchen tap to provide a place to wash hands and kitchen a strategic necessity. Kitchen design and beautiful views of the beautiful set of kitchen design is by Valpra.

Kitchen Cabinet Set in White

Kitchen Cabinet Set in White Kitchen Set modern
Kitchen set style and design and can save you up the kitchen. Kitchen set addition, showcase our versatile enough for use in laundry or general storage applications. wearing white melamine doors and drawer create lasting style. Wrapped up with the doors and all hardware. White base covered handle.

Bench with Circle by Mark Zuckerman and Monty Lawton

Bench with Circle by Mark Zuckerman and Monty Lawton with Circle by Mark Zuckerman and Monty Lawton
A full coat of minimalist form in connection with the sculpture that consists of attaching a table with benches. benches to be able to sit astride and use as a work station to relax laptop computer. Designed by Mark Zuckerman and Monty Lawton the Bench w/circle is covered in ultra leather and is available in many colors.

Pod By Taking Lounge Seating

Pod By Taking Lounge Seating Turn heads and excite by taking lounge seating
Seating up to bring the head with lounge. Design with the perfect circle for solitude, a unique feature patent leather design is awaiting a decision can be a point-fire to ignorance back garden, pool-side or garnish.
Pod Pod By Taking Lounge Seating
Contact la-Fête for instock availability. Lead times are 2 weeks (4 standard colors) see more designs by Angie Thornbury.

Unischrank Office Furniture

Unischrank Office Furniture Unischrank
Cupboard shelf in the office complete with a few doors consists of 6 types of meat that can boost the form of a slide door cover. One module always remaining open. Please contact adysign for more information.

Hollywood Glam Modern Contemporary

Modern contemporary Furniture Living Room Hollywood Glam Modern Contemporary
Hollywood Glam with contemporary style Hollywood Glam flavor. Part of the piece as they have Florence sofa chair womb chair Barcelona. Successfully combine the items of goods, such as solid color rug tied together by color in the artwork created by owner homes, Los Angeles artist. Combination of this interesting piece and create a dynamic touch with unique beauty.The custom mirrored console designed for the entry is a glamorous focal point.

Alison Oval Coffee Table Modern Oval Coffee Table
Alison oval coffee table and side table Alison Oval Coffee Table and side table Alison bridge. Coffee table measures 46 "x 30" x 18 "h and Alison side table measures 26" x 22 "x 24" h.

Green Home Modern Lake

Green Home Modern Lake  .jpg
Zed designed home page select the style to the modern lake, bring you to the highest standard of energy up to the present time. Home using strategically positioned windows to catch outside environment, to receive a light summer sun, with some of the houses have a living green roof, which provides the bar and additional energy savings. Lake House
In a combination of yoga studios and art rooms provide creative and think like a store owner to complement 'lifestyle. For information about the modern home is here.

Stunning Home in Kirkland
House designed by architect Johnston flowering bushes. use of sustainably-sourced materials and low-impact harvesting energy - fresh, in addition to it, contemporary look. Home in Kirkland

Bathrooms are becoming more high-tech and environmentally friendly

Bathrooms are becoming more high-tech and environmentally friendly
Bathrooms are becoming more high-tech and environmentally friendly. The watchword for 2009 is "eco-chic" -- with materials and designs that are both beautiful and sustainable. Technology has given us highly efficient, new shower sprays that use a small fraction of the water used by traditional showers. It has given us lighting that is equally efficient in both use and spending and materials that are environmentally sustainable and beautiful.

Home & Architectural Trends

Image Home & Architectural Trends
A heavily wooded area punctuated by hills and canyons invariably calls for a bold architectural response. And for the designer of this rural house, that was exactly the statement he wished to make. Taking his cue from the dramatic landscape, architect Winn Wittman designed the house as a series of linked volumes that respond to the lie of the land and the spectacular view.
Image Home & Architectural Trends Pic
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