Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Our Labor Day and Ilah's Fun-filled Tuesday!

I could have sworn it was just September 1st....and now it's the 7th. These weeks/months are FLYING by. Fall is starting to break through the heat here in Atlanta. Last week it was in the mid 90's and this week it has been in the high 60's. Talk about an instant shift. But I'm not complaining! Come on fall!

I thought I would backtrack and do a post highlighting what we did for Labor Day. My hubby had the day off so it was nice to spend a long weekend as a family. Ilah slept in on Monday - which meant we did too! It was nice to get up at 9 am! It was drizzling outside so our ideas of taking Ilah to the zoo was out. I had thought about the Children's Museum but we would have needed to have gone after her afternoon nap and the museum closed at 4p.m. (?) and by the time we would have gotten out of the house and drove downtown, it wouldn't have allowed us too much time there. So we saved that adventure for another day...for when Ilah takes an early nap : ) Chuck-E-Cheese's was an idea, since it was indoors, but I imagined a slew of families would be there on the rainy day off from school, so we passed on that. In the end, my mom came over to watch Ilah so Dele and I could get spend an afternoon together, and I planned to take Ilah out for her fun day this week!

We headed to Fogo de Chao {a Brazilian steakhouse} for lunch. If you've ever been, you know that the place is an "experience"! An awesome one ; )

The service is IMPECCABLE!!! You absolutely get what you pay for when you go to Fogo. Their gourmet salad and sides bar offers so many yummy things!

They offer fifteen different cuts of meat that they prepare in house and offer them to you tableside. There is a card on your table that you flip to green to tell the gauchos to bring on the meat! When you are satisfied, flip the card to red until you are ready for more.

As if the amazing salad bar and meat offering wasn't enough, you also get limitless side dishes of traditional Brazilian side dishes, including warm cheese bread {I could eat a basket by myself!}, crispy hot polenta, garlic mashed potatoes, and caramelized bananas.

After lunch we went to see "Crazy Stupid Love". My girlfriend told me that Ryan Gosling was in this movie and the entire time I was looking for Ryan Reynolds! Ha! It was a cute movie : ) We had purchased a deal online {2 tickets for the price of 1} and I also had a coupon for a free popcorn!

Yesterday was Ilah's fun day!! We headed out after her nap to go buy some new shoes for her, and then it was onto Chuck-E-Cheese's!....

"Are we there yet?!?!"....

Ilah gets a big kick out of the dancing Chuck-E, but when she sees him up close, not so much....

Ilah kicked butt at this game! She got quite a few tickets from this one. I can't believe she is actually playing the games now. My sweet girl is growing so fast!

Ilah "counting" her winnings! She had so much fun playing all the games!....

Mommy and Daddy had a nice Monday with each other, and Mommy and Ilah had a fun-filled Tuesday together : )


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