Thursday, December 31, 2009

2010 Is Here!!

It's officially here...2010!! Man, I think I'm still stuck in the 90's era...2010 seems unreal.

The husband and I decided to get really wild for New Years Eve...we ordered take out, cozied up in bed, watched tv, and kissed when the clock struck midnight. Talk about an untamed night!! Ha!!

I'd love to have friends and family over next year for a little chin-dig at our place and do up a gorgeous spread of yummy food. I came across this inspiration board and would love to replicate the look....

May every day of the new year bring happiness for you and your family!! Cheers to 2010!!

2009 Year in Review

So much happened for us in 2009; it was truly a fascinating, memorable year! Here are some highlights....

We got engaged on March 19, 2008 and began planning our elaborate wedding. We took our engagement pictures just a few weeks before we said "I Do" on March 29, 2009....

Our first home together was built and completed at the beginning of the year....

I've loved decorating and making our house a "home"....

I tuned into my sensual side and worked up the nerve to do a boudoir session for my future husband. I had a book made of the images and had his best man deliver it to him the morning of our wedding....
I met some of my cousins for the first time ever! It was very special that they flew in for our wedding....

On March 29, 2009 we got married and it was the most amazing day ever!!! God has blessed me with His best.

We traveled to Prague, Czech Republic and Vienna, Austria for a two week honeymoon....

Just 2 weeks after we returned, we found out we were expecting!!

A few weeks later, on Mother's Day, we let our mom's know that they were going to be grandmothers!....

Married life got into full swing real quick! I delved into cook books and tried new recipes and have become quite domesticated if I do say so myself!....

In July, I turned 30....

At my 20 week visit we found out that our little baby....

....was a GIRL!....

Our wedding was featured in The Knot, and I started a wedding planning business, Peonies and Palettes.

We've been enjoying every second of preparing to welcome our little girl {Ilah} into the world....

In less than two weeks we will be bringing our first child home! It's such an exciting time in our lives!!!
We look forward to all of the memories that will be created in 2010!!
Wishing you a prosperous, happy, and very fulfilled New Year!!!!

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Questions and Answers, Part 2


Q: How do you feel about having a baby within the first year of marriage?

A: My husband and I were on the same page with wanting to start trying to conceive within the first year of marriage. But I didn’t think I would become pregnant within the first month! I knew "how" a baby was made {lol!} but I wasn’t conscious about the ovulation period when a woman is at her highest probable chance of conception. We just figured that I would become pregnant whenever it happened – personally, I thought it would take at least 6 months. Needless to say, I was absolutely shocked when I discovered I was pregnant within two weeks of returning from our honeymoon! We were stunned but overjoyed. A little nervous, but thankful.

I think there's a lot to evaluate before bringing a baby into the world. For us, we knew that we would be bringing our little one into a loving, stable, Godly home in which her needs would be provided for. I have an incredible husband, we have a new home, we're financially stable and our baby will have supportive grandparents who live close by. Since these things were already aligned for us, I never worried that the timing wasn't right.

My husband and I, both independently and together, have lived life to its fullest – and will continue to do so even after the baby is born. I’ve traveled to 14 countries and more than half of the states in the US and my husband has taken in his share of travels as well. We’ve both pursued, and accomplished, many things that we have been passionate about, and we will continue to do so. We’ve taken part in many ministry opportunities and mission trips and desire to spread the love of God whether in our back yard or abroad, and want to walk through as many open doors of opportunity as we can.

Ilah will be an additional blessing to our life and we look forward to making her, and our future children, a part of the many memories that my husband and I will continue to create together in our lifetime.


Q: Do you worry about the actual vaginal delivery? I'm worried about it and I'm not even pregnant yet! How do you handle knowing this challenge is coming up, or is it not a worry to you?

A: I never started thinking about “delivery day” until about a month ago. And even then, I more started wondering what time of day or night my water might break, would it break at all or would I just begin having contractions, how the drive to the hospital would go, and imagining checking into the room, putting on the hospital gown and wondering how I would feel in those moments leading up to meeting our baby! Even now, just two weeks away from my due date, my excitement to hold our little girl in my arms is trumping any fear of a vaginal delivery {I’m more afraid of a c-section than a vaginal delivery}. But it does amaze me how women were created to birth another human being. There are times when I look down at my stomach and I say, “Wow, she’s been growing in there for 9 months! That’s amazing! And somehow she’s gonna make her way out”. Lol!


Q: What are you using on your stomach to not get any stretchmarks?

A: I did a post here on what I’ve been using. I still don’t have any stretch marks. PTL!


Q: How did you decide that breast feeding was not for you?

A: I just knew that when I posted that I wouldn’t be breastfeeding that I would get questions about it; lol! Let me answer it this way. There are many reasons why women choose not to breastfeed:
  • Medical problems; an infection or condition that can be given to the baby through milk
  • Baby has a hard time latching on and unable to suck sufficiently
  • Breastfeeding can be painful
  • Pumping hurts; mom can’t pump enough milk to keep up with babies daily intake
  • The child doesn’t take the mothers milk
  • Inverted Nipples
  • Both mother and baby need plenty of patience and persistence to get used to the routine of breastfeeding
  • Psychological reasons; doesn’t feel comfortable with it
  • Uncomfortable breastfeeding in public
  • With formula, others can help with feedings

    I’ll just say that one, or more than one, of the above reasons is why I’m choosing not to.


Q: Who customized your blog?

A: My husband did! He’s a computer guru. I just told him what I wanted and ta-da!

Images used on my blog came from, and

Here are some other sites to fancy up your blog for free....

Leelou Free Blog Layouts and her old template designs here.; free fonts here.

Cutest Blog on the Block {check out the left hand column that says "Grab what you want"}.

Questions and Answers, Part 3 to come!!

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

The Diaper Bag My Hubby Will Be Sportin'

Ilah got her daddy this diaper bag for Christmas....

The diaper bag was on clearance at an unbelievably low price - and I was able to save even more by combining two coupons {of $5 off, and another coupon saving an additional 20%}. Final purchase price was just $11 and some change!! Score!! Daddy LOVES it!! And while although he thinks mommy's diaper bag is cute, he's glad he has a masculine one of his own to sport!!

Where Our Trash Went...

We once had a friend who went environ-MENTAL on us all of the sudden--and quite forcefully at it.

Have you had one of those? You know, the kind that monitor your plastic bag usage? The kind that only let you use two squares of toilet paper at a time, and only if it's a number two? The kind that if you stay at his house, shower is limited to a minute and a half?

Well, it was no fun hanging out with someone like that, but reading this LA Times article makes us wonder if he does have a point. The article is about how trash is being disposed after it left our homes.

Some of the main points in the article:

1) The amount of waste we generated is enormous and permanent. More and more landfills are filling up and new spaces are needed.

2) We consume more alcohol and eat less healthy than we are willing to admit.

3) We waste a lot of food. 10% of garbage is edible food, and there is no discernible difference between the rich and the poor.

To read the entire article, click here.

It really makes you think about how much we consume and how much we waste, doesn't it?

Monday, December 28, 2009

Ilah's Baby Book

The very next day after doing this post, I went out to Barnes and Noble to find Ilah's baby book. I ended up buying the one below, which had the highest reviews on Amazon. I was surprised and excited when I came across the book on the shelf {they only had one left!} as I wanted to see it in person and not make a blind purchase, even if it was a popular choice by other moms. I was also thrilled to come across the book since it is not available for direct purchase through Amazon, but only through third party sellers and at a higher price than what I paid for it in the store {$19.99}, and the customers who went that route weren't too pleased with the condition that the book arrived in or the long shipping time.

I'm posting pictures of some of the inside pages in case you too are on the hunt for a great baby journal. Of all the baby books I came across I truly liked this one the best for many reasons. You can go here and scroll down to the customer reviews to read about what each of the eight sections entail.

At the front of each of the sections are pockets to hold bulk items such as baby's hospital tag bracelet, cards you've received, pictures, special keepsakes, etc.

Be forewarned: this baby book is very lengthy and detailed. If you're all about a short, sweet and simple book this one isn't for you.

Some of you recommended baby's first year calendar - where you can use stickers to make notes and keep track of baby's special milestones. Coincidently, my mom just bought me one and I love it! I'll be using it along with the baby book I purchased for Ilah.

I look forward to filling in all the pages as our little girl grows and discovers new things!
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