Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Children's Closet Spaces

Children's rooms can easily become overflowed with clothes, shoes, a variety of toys, and little knick-knacks that children perceive as "must-have's". I love how the below children's closets are neatly organized and everything has its place.
Photo found on:

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As I mentioned in Monday's post, hanging canvas organizers are a cheap alternative to keeping closets organized instead of cluttered, as evidenced below:

Labeled boxes and plastic storage tubs are another way to keep your children's items organized:

I came across this article published on that gives parents great tips on organizing kids' clothing:

There are many ways to keep a kid's closet organized and accessible without spending a lot of money or time. Organizing expert Louise Kurzeka has 10 ideas:

1. First, take everything out of the closet and sort, establishing what stays and what goes.

2. Use the highest shelf to store out-of-season clothes or hand-me-downs from an older sibling. Store in labeled containers by season (fall/winter, spring/summer) or by size (3T, for example). Hang out-of-season dresses in the back part of the closet.

3. Place a cardboard box on an upper shelf for donations. As the child outgrows items, they can immediately be put in the donation box.

4. Pair up matching outfits and store them on one hanger.

5. Place a tall kitchen garbage can on the closet floor and use it as a dirty clothes hamper. Kids are more likely to use a hamper/clothes basket that is close to where they change clothes.

6. Place a basket on the floor of the closet for storing stuffed animals.

7. For younger children, it may be easiest to create a home for their little shoes by designating a dishpan on the closet floor.

8. Install a hanging accessory bag with at least seven shelves for holding complete outfits that parents and children put together for the week ahead. Label the shelves for each day of the week, if not already labeled.

9. A shoe-hanging bag is a great organizing tool for holding small stuffed animals, dolls and action figures.

10. For an older child's closet that has wire shelving, consider placing heavy plastic shelf liners on the shelves. Items such as mementos and collectible figurines will be less likely to fall through the shelving.

What great ideas - that I indeed plan to implement!!

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Children's Rooms 2

Children's Rooms 1

Bathrooms, Powder, Pool


Closet Organization

I'm pretty certain that the nesting stage has kicked in. I'm beginning to feel the urge to get in our closet and do some serious organizing. The same goes for the pantry, the garage, and our laundry space. All spaces are currently tidy but I just want them to be extra organized. I thought I would use this week to post inspiring images that will give me {and maybe you too} some motivating ideas for sprucing up certain rooms in the house.

The below picture of Mariah Carey's closet is *wishful thinking* but I had to show it. And this is just the "shoe section"!

Here are some images of orderly closets that are more realistic!.....

Even small walk-in closets can be made over to be uncluttered and beautifully organized:

Hiring a company to do a professional closet overhaul can be expensive. Here are some ideas where the standard wire shelves are used yet provide the same element of organization at a small fraction of the cost:

Even really small closets can look incredibly lovely once they are superbly organized:

Another inexpensive space saving idea are hanging canvas sweater/shoe organizers:

I will be back to showcase organized children's closets!!

Friday, September 25, 2009

Stylish Ways To Add Value To Your Property…

interior design tips

Nowadays, there is no more luxurious commodity
than space. For example, in London, Bristol
and Manchester, where property and land costs
per square metre are very high, homeowners
are looking to make the best use of every centimetre.

Getting more form your space…

  • Convert an unused space, for example, the
    attic or basement.

Add an extension either out into the garden
or upwards.

  • Maximise the space you have by knocking down walls and creating an efficient and useable open-plan space.
  • Create an optical illusion by using effective storage solutions. A tidy floor and lack of clutter will give the impression of more space.

Anything that increases the living area will increase value…

Planning Permission
As a home owner, you have the right to alter your home; however you must check whether planning permission is needed. Check this with the planning office at your local council before you carry out any work.

Decorating with the aim to increase the value of your home? If so, there are certain rooms that you should concentrate on.

  • The kitchen, seen as the hub of the home, is very important to today’s buyers. Choose a well planned kitchen that makes good use of space and has plenty of storage. If you have the space be sure to add a kitchen table.
  • Many buyers are looking for a certain style of living. Offer this by focusing on a relaxing and enjoyable outside space, such as a terrace with a table and chairs, suitable for entertaining.
  • If you have the space, an en suite bathroom adds luxury and privacy to the master bedroom. This also frees up the main bathroom for the rest of the household and guests.

*TIP* Consider how the light falls on the garden throughout the day. Perhaps think to locate the terrace where most of the early evening sun is captured.

Prospective buyers that are viewing for a second time are often already interested. It is at this point that the finer details of your home are taken into consideration.

  • Keep on top of simple matters such as chipped paintwork and more important issues like damp.
  • Well chosen fixtures and fittings for the interior and exterior of the home can make your home more eye-catching. Having a well presented front door, nicely painted and with attractive door furniture will give a good first impression. Perhaps add some flower baskets and foliage around the front windows to add colour.
  • New technological gadgetry can be very attractive to buyers. This may include well-planned lighting, state of the art sound systems and contemporary fireplaces.
  • Top of the range fridge freezers, washing machines and dryers will create an image of luxury and a lifestyle very appealing to the buyer. But be sure to make them aware what appliances are included in the sale.
  • An efficient and reliable security system is also a bonus, as it will ensure peace of mind for the homeowner.

*TIP* Added extras such as a family media room and contemporary focal-point fireplace can create a warm and reassuring atmosphere that buyers will be looking out for.


Many buyers are looking for a house that is ready to move straight in to. If you do not need to carry out any major renovations or your budget won’t allow for it, be sure to spend some time making each room look its best.
Walls- a lick of paint in a neutral colour will immediately freshen up a room and make it look clean and smart.
Storage- Store away any unnecessary clutter. Clear floors and surfaces can make a big impact aesthetically on the calmness of a room.
Kitchen- instead of installing a completely new kitchen, you could opt to economically change the cupboard doors and handles. This is an inexpensive way of updating the kitchen and creating an immediate impact. Additionally, try staging your kitchen by being selective about the appliances you have on display. Why not use a large bowl of fruit and a striking flower arrangement to add some spirit to the kitchen.
Bathroom- dirty or discoloured grouting can be a real turn off. Try to rectify this by using a specialist grout cleaner first. If this doesn’t work then re-grouting all the tiles would be a good idea. It will freshen up the walls instantly. Apply the same staging tips to the bathroom as suggested for the kitchen. Hide away mismatched cosmetics and bottles as this will create a cluttered look. Introduce a plant, a stylish selection of towels and two or three strategically placed toiletries. Always keep a window ajar and perhaps use a room freshener. Lastly give the suite and any mirrors and good clean and buff them till they sparkle.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Do You Like to Save Money?

Yesterday I tuned into Rachel Ray and caught her segment on money saving tips, relating to coupons. I have "attempted" to be conscious of money saving coupons but "finding/cutting/organizing" them is nothing that I stick to. Why? I don't know. They end up expiring before I remember that coupons are lingering somewhere in the house!

I really want to get better at the whole "cost saving" approach, especially when it comes to food - whether grocery shopping or dining out. Coupons abound in many places {in magazines, newspapers, and online} and I need to get with the program. Why pay more when you don't have to?

I was in awe watching Rachel Ray's show yesterday, listening to a die-hard super saver share her tips on saving {you can see a video here and read her tips!}. She saved $70 on just one trip the grocery store! And a married woman was told how she could save close to $6,500 a year on just her grocery bill alone by taking the time to seek out coupons that would only take her 20-30 minutes to find, clip, or print out, per week! {click here to watch the video and read the tips given to her to make money-saving easy!}.

At the end of the show's segment, Rachel informed her viewers that she has uploaded a plethora of 20% off coupons on her website {go here and grab them!}. The coupons that are posted are valid through October 24th and there's many great stores and restaurants that you can snag a coupon to!

Let's get to saving, shall we?!?!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

24 Weeks Today

All week I have been miserable...vomiting every day. Today has been the worst of all. I just can't believe that I am 6 months pregnant {today} and STILL dealing with "morning sickness". It's so draining...both emotionally and physically. I am so exhausted by the changes that pregnancy has put my body through.

But with that said...

I have come across so many disheartening stories in which women have lost their babies through a miscarriage {some women, well into their third trimester, have gone in to get a standard ultrasound at their next appointment only to be told by the Doctor that a heartbeat is no longer detected}, others have lost their baby to a birth defect, the ending of life support, delivered a still born baby, or battled a serious illness while being pregnant and in some severe cases the mother has passed away after delivering her precious newborn. My heart breaks when I come across sad endings such as these.

Just this week, one of the above scenarios happened to one of my readers, who is a fellow Christian. We had begun to get acquainted with one another outside of our blogs and began exchanging emails. When I heard of her devastating news this week I reached out to her, and while composing the email I discovered how I should be perceiving my own pregnancy.

My pregnancy has been what I consider unbearably rough - hospitalization, 20 pound weight loss, on a variety of medications, car sickness, still dealing with terrible nausea and vomiting along with all the other side effects that comes with pregnancy {which are too long to list}. I pray my way through the natural concern's that I think many first time mom's {or perhaps mom's in general} have - you just want your little baby to be healthy and whole and you try not to think about any of the thousands of things that could go wrong. While some women have a happy glow through all stages of their pregnancy and claim to love everything about being pregnant, I am just not one of those women. I really wish I was...and I thought I would be...but I'm not. There are few people who understand when I tell them that I have had to go through spiritual warfare, especially in my earlier months, because of what I was going through emotionally. The severe sickness was just too overwhelming. I couldn't believe how hard it was hitting me. As much as I wanted children and always saw them as a part of my life and my future, I have told both my husband and my mother that if I had known ahead of time all that I would go through with this pregnancy that the decison to get pregnant is one that I would need time to seriously consider {yes, it's been THAT rough} - perhaps that's just the thinking mentality when you're body has gone into a whole new unfamiliar, unpleasant realm. But even through my tiresome state, I know how incredibly blessed I am to have conceived when so many women cannot, and while even though I have not enjoyed one single thing about being pregnant {which is disappointing}, in all actuality things could be so much worse. So I make a conscious decision daily to have an attitude of gratefulness and thankfulness, and feel honored that God has purposed for me to be a mother. I feel blessed that despite how I feel, I am bonding with our little girl who is growing inside of me. I talk to her, sing to her, pray scriptures over her, am excited to shop for her, and I love her immensely even though she hasn't come into the world yet. Being a mother is going to be an incredibly fulfilling responsibility that will bring great joy and an overwhelming amount of happiness that will be worth everything that I will have endured for 9 months.

photo credit: Liana Lehman

Monday, September 21, 2009

White, Clean and Elegant Interior Design Pictures

White is the most commonly used color in interior design, especially in areas where bathing, cleaning and food preparation are prevelant. This is due to the fact that you can see anything that appears on white and wipe it up, keeping the surfaces clean and germ free. White combines well with black to form a stunning high contrast look. With the popularity of minimalist homes, decorating is lending towards using neutrals again. Keeping the interiors crisp white and clean, with often the use of subtle textures in kitchen bench tops, carpet or timber floors. Today I’ve found a great example of using white in interior design, combined with a little black. The final result is an elegant design with clean lines. These pictures are from Martin Dyrlov interior photography portofolio.

Black White InteriorWhite InteriorClean LivingroomBlack White

Black White Interior Design

White Kitchen

interior design

Fall Home Decor

I'm looking forward to when the cool air hits Atlanta. Right now we're having days and days of torrential downpours, accompanied with humidity; I'm anxiously awaiting the glorious fall foliage to show face, the forecast change that calls for wool sweaters to be worn, and am anticipating the days that begin and end with hot chocolate.

I've said before that the thing that I love most about Atlanta is the changing of the seasons. Below is a picture that I took outside of the apartment that I lived in when I moved to Georgia and experienced my first fall:
My pregnancy has my energy levels pretty low, but I look forward to sprucing up our home next year with pretty accents that welcome in autumn. Here are a few beautiful touches that bring the outside, in:

Warm hues that combine brown and orange...and I just love that table runner. Also, notice the orange floral piece in the mirror.
photo source: Christina online

A pretty wreath on the outside of the door that welcomes guests:

photo source: My Lifetime

I love the blending of the colors in the below room...copper, mustard, olive green, brown, and ivory. Loving everything from the foliage on the fireplace mantel, to the branch candle holders, to the comfortable looking throw that's on the chair...and the bench that infuses warm, rich, inviting colors {and not to forget, an actual fire in the fireplace!}:
photo source: Decorators Home

Pretty pillows like these make for a great accent to any chair:

photo source: My Lifetime

Having a dinner gathering with friends/family? Spruce up the table by creating a beautiful, simple tablescape like this one:

Photo Source: Carolina Panache

It's easy to change up bedding. I could "fall" into this gorgeous bed with total ease:

Photo Source: The Decorating Diva

An easy way to spruce up the kitchen with fall colors...add some towels like these ones:

And we can't leave out the sweet treats! Fill up apothecary jars with cookies!

And serve up pecan pie!

Photo Source: Food Hype

Looking forward to fall arriving!!

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