Thursday, January 21, 2010

Follow Up To My Last Post

I just read a comment left on my below post entitled “Praying for the Single Mothers” and I felt it was important to further that entry with this follow up post - especially since my well intended, compassionate message was so misconstrued that it caused this person to do a post on their blog rebutting mine. I wish to respond openly to their comment, and their blog post, should anyone else share in this person’s same feelings.

Certainly children do not need to be raised in a two parent household to be loved, adored, and properly provided for. Many single parents raise children who are “well rounded, healthy and happy” – and do exceedingly well at meeting all of their child’s needs - and furthermore, their wants. I am one of those children. My father passed away when I was 14 years old – my mother chose to never remarry. Essentially, my mother continued to raise me as a single parent, with Christ still as the foundation of our home. I’m not sure if the woman who commented is a woman of faith or what her viewpoint is on religion, but for me, being raised in a home {and church} all my life where God’s presence was known, I had the assurance that when my father passed away, that God would bring peace in the midst of such a devastating time and that while even though I no longer had an earthly father to continue raising me, that God would fulfill that imperative role. My mother will attest that certain times were hard but she pressed through - and she fostered in me that I could fulfill any dream I had, do anything that I wanted to do, and be anything that I wanted to be – she became an exceptional single parent {not by choice, just like many other single mothers} who always made me her number one priority.

My post was not written from a perspective meant to imply that raising a child in a two parent household trumps raising a child as a single parent. If you read back through my post, you will see where I wrote, “There are so many women, for vast reasons [who are in this position] and my heart breaks for them”. One “vast reason” includes the loss of a parent.

I did not mean to imply in my post that single mothers raise children who are greatly deprived – emotionally, mentally, physically or financially. In fact, many news headlines reveal horror stories about children who are being “raised” by two parents and we hear how those precious babies have been intentionally strangled, sold for money, abandoned in a gutter – the awful stories go on and on. They break my heart. Now that I have a baby, I am especially sensitive to the little ones of the world who are mistreated on any level – by anyone.

I simply wanted to urge my readers to pray for the women who are single mothers {those who do feel inadequate, worried, and stressed...because those women do exist; not all have a great amount of internal strength and adequate financial means} – I never thought that a post on prayer would “trigger” another one of my readers negatively. There was no hidden down beating connotations that I was trying to imply in my post. There were no judgments that were being passed. Just compassion, support and encouragement. Offerings that all women need to do for each other.


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