Tuesday, September 6, 2011

iMaschine iOS App

iMaschine looks to be a robust creation tool for Maschine users on the go. The app includes 16 pads, threshold-based pad sampling, note repeat, auto-loop length feature, professional on-board mixer with six studio effects and an audio recording function. iMaschine will run on iOS 4.3 or higher, iPod touch 3G or higher, iPhone 3GS or higher and the iPad 1 or 2. Features include:

* 16 pads for playing the included drums and one-shot samples
* Library includes 10 projects, 25 kits and over 400 individual samples (100 MB of WAV sounds)
* Pad sampling mode: record your own one-shot sample through the built-in iPhone® microphone
* Keyboard mode with two manuals for playing chords, bass and melodies
* Note repeat function with 4th, 8th, 16th, 16th triplets, 32th for keyboard and drum pad mode
* Audio recorder mode lets you record vocal ideas through the built-in iPhone® microphone
* Assign any of the 4 groups to pad, keyboard or audio recorder mode (e.g. use it as pocket 4-track recorder)
* Mixer page includes two send effects with Delay, Flanger, Chorus, LoFi, HP, BP and LP filters
* The live-mode sequencer automatically detects the recorded loop length
* Finished song idea can be exported with one touch as an audio file or uploaded to SoundCloud
* Project (including samples) can be exported to MASCHINE for finalizing in your studio environment
* Additional drum kits and instrument sounds can be easily purchased through the in-app store

iMaschine iOS App


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