Sunday, February 28, 2010

A New Look

Hey All –

If you’re a frequent visitor to my site than you’ve noticed this little bloggity blog of mine received a makeover {courtesy of Mr. Wonderful}. I was wanting a fresher look so I relayed my ideas and voilà! The hubby did his thing. As you can see, I added in some new elements and removed some old ones. I’m still tweaking things here and there.

So…did you all have a nice weekend!? Early Friday evening I got out for a few hours and met up with some of my old coworkers. It was so nice to see them again and boy did we laugh!! The babe stayed with the hubby - it was their first time alone together, hence, it was also my first time out without them. If you’re curious, no, I wasn’t nervous. Ilah was in the hands of her loving, and more than capable, daddy! Saturday and Sunday were both restful days – they were quiet and uneventful {which was nice} – we stayed in, ate to our hearts content and actually napped a few times when the baby did!

FYI, I set up a new and separate email account just for this blog. I try my best to get back to my readers as soon as they write me, but these days doing anything “immediately” {other than tending to my baby} just isn’t feasible {unless I happen to be on the computer at the time that a new email comes in}. So I apologize if you’ve written me and I still haven’t responded. Admittingly I’ve let some emails “sit” in my inbox and now they are “somewhere in there”. If you’ve written me and I haven’t gotten back to you, shoot me an email to and I will get back to you hopefully sooner than later. On another note, it would be nice that if I’ve taken the time to write you back that you please acknowledge that you’ve received it. Thank you!!

I have a to-do list that’s about a mile long {I’ll spare you the details} so I have lots to tend to this week. My girlfriend refers to herself as the CEO of her household and I think that’s a suiting title for a stay-at-home mom/wife to give herself!

I hope you all have a great week!!

Modern Kichen Designs Ideas

Modern Kichen Designs Ideas
Modern Kichen Designs Ideas
Modern Kichen Interior Designs Ideas
Modern Kichen Interior Design
Modern Kichen Interior Design Ideas
Modern Kichen Interior Design
Modern Kichen Interior Design
Modern Kichen Designs Ideas

These amazing modern kitchens have been designed by well-known and very popular designer, KarimRashid, for Scavolini. They are the part of the beautiful Crystal collection, which consists of trendy kitchens made of glass. All kitchens from this collection are bright, but two models, which you can see below, stand out from others. They attract by original visual effects and unusual color solutions. The glass kitchen doors with “pop art” motif could change any kitchen into an alive and positive place. One more awesome detail is the bright violet top. Kitchen with such original top looks very stylish and cool. As all kitchens by Scavolini these models are very functional and are equipped by the high quality mechanisms.

Modern Black and White Bathroom Design from Noken

Modern Black and White Bathroom Design from Noken
Modern Black and White Bathroom Design from Noken
Modern Black and White Bathroom Design from Noken
Modern Black and White Bathroom Design from Noken

Below you could to admire on a modern bathroom design, which is made in a popular and very trendy black and white color scheme. This bathroom is quite sober, that’s why such design could ideally fit for men. Although it could be good for all other people who appreciate modern style and don’t like warm and bright interiors. The bathroom looks very elegant thanks to combination of matt walls and high gloss cabinets. The stripped wall adds an additional originality to the room. All furniture is made in minimalist style and is characterized by simple shapes and straight lines.

Modern Apartment Interior Designs

Modern Apartment Interior Design
Modern Apartment Interior Designs
Modern Apartment Interior Design
Modern Apartment Interior Designs Ideas
Modern Apartment Interior Design tips
Modern Apartment Interior Designs
Modern Apartment Interior Designs Ideas
Modern Apartment Interior Designs
Modern Apartment Interior Designs

This apartment is located on level 16 of a circular 18 storey high tower in Darling Point, Sydney and takes up the whole floor. The location allows occupants to gain extensive views of the harbour, its bridge and the Opera House. Its latest interior design is done in modern style which maximize 360 degree views potential by Stanic Harding.

Spaces are radial than orthogonal and each room has as good connection to full window bays as possible. The ceiling treatment in the public spaces is designed to enhance this circular sense by installing thin, flush fitting fluorescent strips radiating out to the perimeter. This provides for a stronger and cleaner ceiling plane that is contributing to the quality of the space. The central core responds to the perimeter with the curved surface made up of beautifully finished panels upholstered in a padded wool fabric. These are either fixed or are secret doors to storage or robe areas. Vertical strip lighting located at set centres divide panels and provide feature or mood lighting.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Where To Put All These Bows!

There are two things that you probably notice when looking at the below picture of our sweet girl...

1.) She's adorable!! As in...really, really adorable {doesn't every mom say that!? Ha!}

2.) The pretty bow on her head!

Boy, does this girl have LOTS of bows for being just 6 weeks old! They were starting to consume her drawer space so I needed a solution.

When I was buying things to decorate Ilah's nursery, I purchased the below plaque to go on one of the walls in her room but I ended up hanging other elements in the space where this was going to go. However, I didn't want to return the plaque because I really liked it - it matched her nursery decor and and I especially liked the wording on it....

So I had a thought to take all of Ilah's bows and make a bow holder out of it! So yesterday I took all of the bows out of her drawer {this doesn't include her headbands!}....

I always have ribbon in the house for wrapping gifts so I went in "the ribbon bag" and pulled one out that I thought matched nicely....

I equally measured out two strips of ribbon and hot glued them to the back of the plaque....

Then I lined up all the bows in the order that I wanted to place them in [on the strands of ribbon] {I'm anal like that!}....

After my little project was complete {which took me all of 10 minutes} I hung the plaque on the left side of the wall inside of Ilah's walk-in closet....

Having the bows on display in this way is so much better than having them inside of a drawer where they were stacked on top of eachother. Now while I'm in her closet picking out her outfit of the day, I can just turn around and match the outfit to a cute bow more easily : )

Considering that I already had everything on hand {plaque, bows, ribbon, hot glue gun, nail and screwdriver!}, this was a great, cute, and FREE little project that I had a fun time doing!

Beautiful Modern Interior Design with Lovely Wooden Furniture

Modern Interior Design of Malibu House
Interior Design of Malibu House
These are the sample pictures of charming interior design of a house that are very good to become the inspiration in decorating and designing the rooms of a house. The interior design in these pictures shows the harmony of color between the ceiling and the floor. The ceiling and the floor are designed with beautiful wooden materials. The domination of the brown color is reflected in the choice of suitable furniture which is in harmony with the color of floor and ceiling. It is an elegant home design.

Interior Design of Malibu House
Amazing Interiors
Interior Design of Malibu House
Wooden Interior Design
Interior Design of Malibu House
Home Interior Design picture

Color Story: Red & Black

A few of our favorite things for the day:

Dress by Victoria Beckham, Chandelier by Stonegate, Rug by Safavieh, Settee by Michael Weiss.

It's Almost March?!

I have no idea where the month of February went. Do you? Just another week and I'll be flipping the calendar to the month of March where a very important date is highlighted - our one year wedding anniversary! I can't believe that our first baby will also be sharing our first anniversary with us! How wild, but absolutely beautiful...

On the actual date of our anniversary, we will be having a romantic night out, just the two of us - and the next day we leave for our first family vacation! {a little hint is that passports are required and we will be gone for 6 days! More on the vacation soon!}.

Dele and I knew that becoming parents would be an exhilarating time in our lives. We are enamored by every little thing that Ilah does. It’s true that along with the bliss comes sleepless nights, foul smelling diapers, extra laundry, and all the daily {and many} routine tasks that caring for a baby requires, but I gotta say…we've been adjusting wonderfully.

We’ve also been finding a great balance between time with Ilah and time alone together – whether at home while she’s asleep, or when we’re able to have a date night. We’ve had three outings without her {once for dinner, once when we went to church, and once again on Valentines Day}. We’re thankful and blessed that Ilah has grandparents that live close and adore her just as much as we do {that’s putting it mildly!} and love staying with her while mommy and daddy go out for a bit. Once our little girl gets her immunization shots {in just a few weeks}, we will be able to take her out with us – something that we’re looking forward to!

I recently had the below picture framed for Ilah's grandparents, and made a copy for us as well {which is also framed}. Dele took the photo and we think she looks adorable in her cute little crochet hat!

Ilah is 6 weeks old and she's already grown so much and is really coming into her own little personality! She does so many sweet things that melt our hearts - and other things that make me us laugh out loud at her! We're cherishing every single moment.

Contemporary Design Kitchen Furniture

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Thom Felicia Furniture

You are probably familiar with Thom Felicia from "Queer Eyes for the Straight Guys".  Do you remember that show?  We kinda miss it from time to time.  We don't know any straight guy who watched it though, only straight girls, hoping to fix up their men...

Anyway, Thom Felicia is getting to be a major licensing house.  He's doing rugs for Safavieh, fabric for Kravet etc.  The latest is a furniture collection from Vanguard Furniture.  It's quite lovely and original.

Take a look:

You can see the rest of the collection here. If you need help with pricing, drop us a line.

Fabulous Graphic Wallpapers

We often wish we were more adventurous than we actually are.  Our home is quite boring-- for people who are in the furnishings business.  More often than not, it consists of returns, overstock and miscellaneous things that we can't sell in the store.  It looks like a darn garage sale, actually.

Okay, so maybe we're exaggerating a little...

But we do play it a bit safe with just plain colors, solid and textures.  This is why we live our fantasies via this blog.  We just love showing you things that are whimsical and fun.

Like these wallpapers from F Schumacher, for example...

This one is called Bird and Butterflies pattern 2704420. 

This one is called New York Pattern 26340

This one is called Aviary pattern 2705511

Our favorite, this one is called Train Pattern 2703940

This one is called Balloon, Patter 2704320

These wallpapers run about $180-200 per roll, not cheap right?  But you can get it for less at our F Schumacher wallpapers section (usually 30-40% off the listed prices).
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