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Interior Design Bedroom Ideas Pink Girls

interior design rooms at preferred by many women and children in the world is pink, because pink color some people it is a symbol of softness and youth. Why many children and women prefer pink? because the pink color associated with a fairy princess or Barbie and every dream of every girl on the bedroom a charming red color easily. Below can see examples and ideas that are very interesting to make children happy with his bedroom

Welcome to Fersina Windows

Since its inception in Peterborough in 1987, Fersina Windows has come to the forefront of window design and manufacturing.

Fersina custom-manufactures a complete line of ENERGY STAR qualified windows designed for both new construction and replacement. Fersina windows are manufactured using solid vinyl frames and components. This provides low maintenance, high-energy efficiency and gives a very attractive appearance. Specialists in architectural windows and windows for historical homes, Fersina can turn your dreams into reality.

Fersina Windows produces a complete line of superior quality vinyl windows. No "good, better, or best" - Fersina manufactures only premium quality products for your new home and renovation needs.

Two standard window colours, custom colours and numerous glazing and frame options will turn your project into perfection.

Fersina Windows offers their products for sale to contractors, "do-it-yourselfers" and window dealers. We also offer installation of your new windows or doors by our factory-trained installation staff. When you deal with Fersina you are dealing with the manufacturer.

Fersina Windows facts:
* Peterborough and Whitby outlets
* Vinyl window manufacturer
* Vinyl door manufacturer
* Insulated steel doors and door hardware
* ENERGY STAR qualified products
* Phantom screens
* Storm doors
* Skylights
* Thermal glass units
* Shutters
* Garage doors
* Sales and installation provided from both locations

from :

Please Vote for My Husband's App!

I've shared on this site some time ago, that my husband, who is a Senior Software Developer, creates software applications for the web, desktop, and mobile phone. Aside from his work in the healthcare field, he spends significant time developing his ideas. Recently he entered one of his ideas into an online competition hosted by The World Bank. They challenged the public to create innovative software applications that move us a step closer towards solving some of the worlds most pressing problems.

Dele's application, called "Global Intelligence" is among the many applications that were entered. We would so appreciate your vote that will make his name stand out and bring recognition to his wonderful idea.

Below is the link. Can you please take just a second to click on it and click "vote" that will be on the right hand side of the screen, next to his app! We really appreciate your support!!!

If you feel inclined, please post to your Facebook/Twitter account! Every vote counts!!

Thank you so much!!!

The Past Few Days {with cell phone pictures}

Last Thursday it was freeeezing here in Atlanta. It was in the low 40's - but felt even colder. I didn't realize how cold it really was until I stepped out to go have lunch with my mom. We took in a bite at Panera Bread....

I just love those disposable place mats!

Then it was onto Walmart. I hardly ever shop there but I've noticed that they really do carry some great things at very reasonable prices and it can be a convenient one stop shop.

I've shared that my friend Vanessa will be visiting {next week!} so I purchased a car seat for sweet Alina and also while we were there my mom and I browsed their flatscreen tv's. Mom wanted an upgrade. Ultimately she decided to purchase a flat screen from Sears. Speaking of my mom...she wants to transform one of the guestrooms in her house into a nursery for Ilah so we looked to see if Walmart had any convertible cribs while we were there. We saw this one by the makers of Carters and are keeping it in mind....

Saturday I headed out to run a few errands and bought Ilah and Alina these cute shirts at Target {us mommies thought it would be cute to dress the girls alike on some of their outings!}...

And I spotted these cute little headbands and got them too!....

I was never really in love with the last set of kitchen rugs that I bought. And they just didn't grow on me. I spotted these at Marshalls and loved the pattern - but even more so, I loved how thick they were. I bought them and just love how my feet feel underneath them!....

I also picked up an insulated bag for our trip to Savannah so that the milk in the girls sippy cups will stay cook while were out and about walking around. It comes with a reusable chiller pack. Perfect!....

I spotted these ADORABLE funky black tennis shoes {by Pastry} at Marshalls. Naturally, I couldn't pass them up and just had to get them!...

On Sunday we headed to my mom's house and Dele installed her new flatscreen in her bedroom. Ilah kept my mom and I quite busy going from room to room!....

Notice that Ilah is in a sundress? In January?! That's because our 40 degree weather shifted into the 70's over the weekend!!

Dora kept her in one place for at least a few minutes! Ha!...

It's a bird! It's a plane! No...sorry Ilah, it's just a ceiling fan! Ha ha...

No birds or planes back there either!....

Last night I made some matching bows to go with some of Ilah's outfits....

Today. Today did not get off to a good start. Ilah wasn't looking or feeling her best sporadically over the weekend and it was my first time having anxiety {to put it mildly} not seeing my baby feel well. After speaking on the phone with one of the nurses on Friday, it seemed that Ilah had a mild reaction to one of her immunizations {no fever, but other things caused me some concern} - I was just unsettled and wanted to get her chcked out. Even though Ilah looked much better this morning, I still decided to head to the Doctor....

Ilah was still a bit sleepy...
Although we were able to get a morning appointment, we waited quite a bit and Ilah was over it...

So she decided to get into all the drawers and cupboards to pass time....

I felt so much better after leaving the Dr's office and Ilah getting a thorough exam. She checked out perfect. I am a very cautious parent and if something seems "off" to me in the slightest bit I am going to respond to it. Perhaps I initially overreacted and in my mind made something out of nothing but better for me to have my child looked at by a professional than to just assume that everything is fine. Some say I will be more relaxed with my next child, but don't bet on it!

I felt even better after Ilah woke up from her nap and was all smiles!....

And she resumed being her normal silly self, filling up her daddy's slippers with her toys....

All is well with the world now that I know my baby is A-ok!

I hope you all had a great weekend!!

Design Concept: Light + Air Door

The Light + Air door is designed to enhance cross ventilation without giving up any security or light. Slide a lever to the right, and the circular openings are exposed—not big enough for anyone to stick a hand in and open the door, but large enough to let the sunshine and fresh air pass through.

Who wants to live without air-conditioning if there is poor ventilation? The Light + Air Door design concept is an answer to that pressing and probably upcoming problem: how do you stay comfortable when it costs $2000 a month to keep your abode cool? Just don't install this door if you live in a submarine. – Charlie White

Elegant Doors Designs

Doors glued wood shingles have faseten appearance and are especially strong. There is no distortion over time or due to changes in humidity in accordance with the seasons. Solid wood doors can be decorated with the profile elements. Interior doors are solid wood with mandatory furnishing "rural" type. They stand well next to walls without mortar, which is visible brick construction.

No wood to contribute more heat into the home by Norway spruce. Such internal doors are the expression of individual lifestyle. Untreated spruce tree with a pale yellow color darkens over time, receiving a silky luster, if well polished. These doors give a feeling of freshness and purity, and submitted as though the fragrance of the woods in the room.

Shoot, That's Fun. The Bullet Hole Art Of Walt Creel.

above image courtesy of The Birmingham News

Walt Creel of Birmingham, Alabama uses a deadly weapon, ironically, to create images of sweet Southern wildlife. Brandishing a rifle, he fires .22 caliber bullets through 4' x 6' white painted aluminum panels to form images of a deer, an owl, a rabbit, a possum, a squirrel and bird in his project, De-Weaponizing The Gun.

detail of Rabbit:

The pointillist-like art is as interesting to admire up close as it is from afar, and is the artist's attempt at taking away the destructive power of the gun.


The finished image of Squirrel [above] and creating the piece [below].


Close -up of deer:






In the artist's own words:
The terms gun and weapon are practically interchangeable. From hunting to war, self defense to target practice, the gun has been a symbol of power and destruction. Art and entertainment have both taken the same approach to he gun. Traveling Wild West shows had gunslingers that shot crude silhouettes and names, but this was done to illustrate the shooters prowess. Some artists have used high speed film to capture a bullet slicing through its target, while other artists have melted guns into sculptures.

When I decided I wanted to make art using a gun, I was not sure what direction I would have to take. I knew I did not want to use it simply as an accent to work I was doing, but as the focus. My main goal was to take the destructive power away from the gun. To manipulate the gun into a tool of creation and use it in a way that removed it from its original purpose, to deweaponize it.

During my first experiment I came across the concept of creating an image hole by hole on a surface. I also figured out that canvas would be too stressed by the process of a rifle firing many bullets into it.

A test firing of the bullets into canvas:

I moved on to aluminum and, with further experimentation, I figured out exactly how far apart my shots needed to be and that moving beyond .22 caliber was simply too destructive. When the aluminum was painted beforehand, the blast of the gun knocked off a tiny amount of paint around each hole, which helped fuse the image together.

images courtesy of the artist and the Coleman Center For The Arts,

Deweaponizing the Gun is an ongoing series presented in installments.
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