Tuesday, August 31, 2010

A New Look and Some Winter Finds for Ilah

We all like a change of scenery, right? I felt like it was time for one around here so Mr. Wonderful gave my little bloggity blog a revamp tonight. You like? I do! Gotta love a man who knows his way around Adobe Illustrator. I'm still in the process of putting things in place but I delight in looking at the new soft hues while doing so : )

Winter is still far off {although fall is quickly approaching - hello September; you sure did come around fast!} but when I spotted this cute rain coat I had to get it for Ilah {a Marshalls find at $14.99 - reg price $46.00 - size 12 mo}.

And then of course Ilah needs to keep her cute little feet warm during the brisk winter months so I snagged these up when I saw them {TJ Maxx find at $5.99}....

Who else besides me is looking forward to this sweltering heat coming to an end?

Digitally Printed Glass For The Home By Sprinz

above: goldfish printed on glass doors turns a shower it into an aquarium

Sprinz of Germany makes lovely glass items for both commercial and residential applications. Etched and colored glass doors, shower enclosures, walls, stairs and more. Now they also have digitally printed glass and as you will see in the following images, it's a great way to add some color and life to an otherwise traditional utilitarian product.

Artwork (in pms colors), photography, even typography can be printed on the glass:

Shower doors, enclosures and bathroom walls take on a life of their own when images are digitally printed on them:

Other possible applications for the digitally printed glass are on the front of a radiator like the one shown below:

Photos printed on glass:

On inside or outside doors:

Other commercial and residential applications:

Sprinz GmbH & Co. KG
Postfach 2148
D-88192 Ravensburg
TEL. +49 751 3 79-0
FAX +49 751 3 76-62

Monday, August 30, 2010

Steven Meisel Shoots A Sexy Miranda Kerr in 3D for Vogue Italia

As it hit the newsstands in Milan two days ago, the September issue of Vogue Italia had a cover that looked a little different. Why? Because it was shot in Vogue's newest photography frontier, 3D. Enclosed with the Italian issue was a special pair of 3D vision glasses.

Although I'm sharing the cover, the whole editorial and the backstage video of the shoot here with you, you'll need to wear the 3D glasses to see the cover and the editorial the way it was truly meant to be seen. Besides, who doesn't want to see Miranda Kerr's natural assets in three dimensions?

Shot by photography master Steven Meisel, the September issue features 22 pages of the sexy Australian model (and the newly pregnant wife of Orlando Bloom) Miranda Kerr.

Thanks to the possibility of seeing in three dimensions, Vogue images will acquire a totally new power, crossing the borders of fashion photo shoots, to strengthen even more the very high quality pictures, which have always been the trademark of the magazine.

And a look at the backstage video of the photo shoot.

Also, for Vogue Italia readers, the 3D surprises of the September issue carry on in The Scent of the Future, a story shot by Tim Walke.

image credits – Video posted and scanned images scanned from mayfrayn @ TFS, Vogue Italia

Weekend Highlights!

Saturday morning we got up and headed out to get Ilah's "big girl" carseat! Yes, that time has come already. At just 7 months young, Ilah weighs 22 pounds so it was time to make the switch and make those cute chubby legs more comfortable : ) After a lot of research, we got one of the new Britax convertible carseats that just hit the market - the Boulevard 70 CS {rear facing up to 40 pounds/forward facing up to 70}. It's a carseat that has many safety features and one that Ilah can grow into for years to come. Pricey, but worth it!

While in Babies-R-Us, I spotted these cute sandals on clearance for $2. Aren't they cute?!...

Among some other things we picked up, I decided to try out the Baby Safe Feeder to see if Ilah would like it. I was eating some watermelon the other day and gave Ilah a lick because she was starring me down with that "please share with me, mommy" look. Well, she LOVED the watermelon but I couldn't just hand a chunk over to her {hello potential choking hazard!}, so things got a little messy. These little mesh bags became the perfect solution!

Ilah loved having her fruit handed over to her {she went to town on a piece of an apple}...

After our trip to Babies-R-Us, we took Ilah to my mom's house so they could spend a few hours together {and yes, Ilah spent some time with Dora too!} while mommy and daddy had an afternoon date. Don't worry, we don't leave Ilah standing in front of the tv like that!

We had lunch at The Cheesecake Factory! Yummmm!! And out of all the yummy things I could have ordered, I went with a Chinese Chicken Salad. I'm keeping my end goal in mind!

After lunch we went and saw Eat, Pray, Love. Have you seen it? If so, what did you think of it? I won't share my opinion just yet incase any of you haven't seen it yet.

Sunday was spent tending to our "to-do" lists. No fun. But things have to get done, right? Once again I pulled out clothes that Ilah is too big to wear and packed them away. While although there are a lot of empty hangers in the closet now, it's not only because her smaller clothes are now put away, but it's also a reminder that I need to do her laundry {which will only expand her clothes and this closet all the more}.

I started with washing and drying her sheets. The load of clothes will follow today.

In the afternoon I went to Aldi and saw these cheese straws {blends of cheddar, parmesean and blue cheese}. That sounded so yummy so I picked them up to try. I thought it would be a nice little extra goodness along side my salads.

After I got home, I made some smoothies for us....

And then I chatted up with a friend for a bit through facebook. Oh how I love the convenience of having internet on my phone!....

Then it was onto menu planning and coupon cutting....

While daddy was outside washing mommy's car, I gave our sweet girl a bath. Afterwards I was playing around with her with her onsie and snapped this picture of her with it on her head!....

I ordered a book a few weeks ago called "Friendship for Grown Up's". I'm half way through. Slowly but surely I'm making my way through it.

After Ilah went down for the night {7:45 p.m. last night}, the hubby went out to get us Chipotle for dinner. Don't you just love their chips and guacamole?!?!

I watched parts of the 62nd Annual Emmy's while grubbin' down.

And now, just like that, Monday is here.

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend!
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