Monday, September 12, 2011

A Little Dining Room Transformation

Another one of my favorite stores to shop at is Kirkland's. I don't get too many things from there but I'm always drawn in when I smell their potpourri packets! They are always in my home in the fall. Anyways, I have been wanting a console table in my dining area for quite a while. Since it wasn't a necessity, but rather a want, it wasn't a top priority. I popped in to Kirkland's about a month ago to browse through their store and my eyes caught a beautiful console table for sale. While although I wanted it oh-so-bad, I couldn't justify the $350 price tag. That's not crazy expensive, but it was more than I was hoping to spend - perhaps I was foolish to think that I could get a similar piece for cheaper {especially since it was a heavy piece of solid wood}, but I passed on it.

Although I loved that console table at Kirkland's, I compromised and bought a much smaller one that I saw a few weeks later at Homegoods, for $169. It was open at the bottom, which wasn't ideal because I wanted one with drawers {and not mention if I put any decor down there, it would be a target for Ilah}, but I was getting antsy to just get something in my space. My purchase at Homegoods was a "buy now/pick up later" as it couldn't fit in my car for me to take home, so Dele was going to go back the next day to pick it up in his car. I got home and compared the measurements of my newly purchased console table to the space that it would go in [in my dining room] and felt it would be too dinky of a piece. So I went back to Homegoods the next day and got a refund.

That same day I went back to Kirkland's. To lay eyes again at the piece that I really wanted {which I had seen a month prior}. And it was drastically marked down {from $350 to $250}. The store manager saw me staring at it and told me he could take another $20 off, bringing it to $230. Say what?! And then he told us if we had any coupons, we could use those too! So we applied a $10 off coupon as well and got the table for $220 {a savings of $130!}. Dele works just up the street from Kirkland's so he popped over on his lunch hour and put the piece in his car. Here it is, now sitting pretty in our dining area....

It is a VERY heavy, sturdy piece. I didn't want something that took up too much space, and this console table is PERFECT! It has drawers and spaces where I can put dishes and glasses and napkins in...I love it!!

The sales from my etsy shop make purchases like these justifiable ; )

The decor on the console table is a compilation of new and re-used items.

Do you remember this birdcage from Ilah's 1st birthday party? I also already had the flowers and the vase and the cream colored porcelain artichoke.

The lamps are new. I got them at Hobby Lobby at 50% off {$19.99 ea}....essentially they were FREE {and the "Crown Books"} as I had a gift card : )

I like how the scroll work on them matches the design in the console table. I added some tassels to the lamp to create a layered texture....

They say that good things come to those who wait - I'm so glad that while although I LOVED this console table when I initially saw it, that I didn't buy it right then and there and pay full price.

When the time comes for us to move, this piece would also be lovely in a breakfast nook, or a foyer/entry way or in any other space that it would look perfect in.

When I put the table in place in our dining room I asked my husband, "Do you love it?!?!". He said, "I love YOU. I like the table". ; )


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