Wednesday, September 2, 2009

9:30 pm Post

I was irritable today. Just gonna be honest. Mom and I hit up some stores yesterday and did some shopping for the little one on the way. We bought some ADORABLE things!! It was a great day all around, especially since it included lunch at The Cheesecake Factory. But by the end of the day, I was wiped out. Soon after I got home, my feet were aching and so was my back. I probably should have taken a break from going out a second day in the row but I didn't. I met mom at the mall today in the early afternoon and we did some more shopping {it was the first day of the Labor Day sales so we were on a mission to score}. Upon entering the Macy's store, it became apparent that the air-condition in the store wasn't on; after about ten minutes of scouring the racks I felt like I was going to pass out. I braved it as long as I could before being "over it" and by then I was over the entire day. I purchased the cute little pieces that I found and I was done. Even though we had a few more places on our agenda, by that point I became highly aggravated for no real reason and decided to just pick up lunch and head home and not put my mom through my obvious crankiness, although she would have understandably tolerated it.

While I'm talking about myself I may as well go on to say...

I'm begin to have those hormonal mini-breakdowns that I've heard so many pregnant women talk about. Although I must say, pregnancy has actually tamed my temperament - mellowed me out if you will; my husband will attest that my random outbursts are few and far in-between. But a few days ago I tapped into my emotional side and burst into tears as I babbled about something that had my husband starring at me with wide eyes and raised brows wondering what, or if, he should say something in response to my random emotional rant. I then blurted out, "I know you're laughing inside!" He had to be, right? My meltdown was for no reason. At all. Minutes later I was fine. Totally over it. I snapped out of my pregnancy wig-out and reached for the television remote while my husband sat there in astonishment and just said, "Wooow".

*Topic change*

I'm still contemplating what colors to do the nursery - more specifically, the crib bedding {which will likely be custom made}. As of late, I'm really loving neautral, soft, silky fabrics like the one's seen below.

As seen on Posh Tots

As seen on Posh Tots

For our little girl's bassinet, I think the below frilly set with cherub angels is so adorable.

Seen on Georgia Baby

If you've had your baby's crib bedding custom made, I'd love to know who you used as I'm still shopping around. I'm also frequently browsing for fabrics/patterns as most bedding designers can obtain fabric from nearly any company {Amy Butler, Chestnut Hill, Studio E, Joel Dewberry, etc,}. Have any recommendations for sites to visit? Thanks in advance!


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