Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Drawing Closer to Him & Christian Daily Devotional Books for Moms

This Sunday at church, we were challenged to increase our communication with God. Whether through prayer, worship, or the reading of His word {whether that means starting to do any one of those things, or increasing in any of those areas}. As I personally know, it is easy to become complacent in our walk with the Lord and stop doing all that we can do to become closer to Him.

Church is known as a place where we can release our stresses, lay down our burdens, refuel our spiritual tank and recharge for the week ahead. Because of the spiritual substance that was poured into us while there, we leave feeling renewed and are excited about pressing forward to see all of Gods promises for our life manifest. While although church can give us so much fulfillment, this is just one avenue that keeps us connected to God; it's not only source that will cause us to know more about Him. Sometimes we can fail to maintain our relationship with God outside of church, where intimacy is created. Just going to church is not enough to grow in relationship with God. Just as in our earthly relationships, where we are present, aware, and concentrated on giving of which our attention in required, and our focus is intentional...our God desires the same from us. And this week, we were called to give Him a little more than usual. A great challenge, that is ultimately to our benefit.

Coinciding with the challenge above, our Pastor announced a new midweek bible study series, that would take place over the next four weeks, every Tuesday morning. I have never been to a midweek church bible study and upon the announcement of it, I felt my spirit being drawn to it. Being able to stay home with Ilah, and now being a part of a new church home, I love that I am able to connect with others in an intimate setting and we go after God together. It's my time/mid-day break, in which I am using it to draw closer to God - without distractions; to exhale from the things that surround me at home, and go to a church home where I can receive, press in, and sit back and feel the presence of God touch me. Today was a wonderful day and I can't wait until next Tuesday!

Aside from committing myself to the Tuesday bible study, I know I need to increase my personal time with the Lord. For several months now I have been wanting to purchase a devotional book specifically for mothers. Today I took some time to go on to Amazon and look at all the books that they offered. Here are some that stood out to me and had really great reviews:

From Top to Bottom:

1.) Ordinary Mom, Extraordinary God 2.) Taking Care of the Me in Mommy: Becoming a Better Mom - Spirit, Body & Soul 3.) Prayer Starters for Busy Moms: How to Pray All Day and Still Put the Laundry Away 4.) Grace for the Race: Meditations for Busy Moms 5.) The Busy Mom's Devotional: Ten Minutes a Week to a Life of Devotion 6.) Daily Wisdom for Mothers Devotional Journal

I always like to visit a book store in person to take a peek inside of the books that I am interested in buying to see if I will get a lot from it. I have a few Christian books stores near me, as well as a Barnes & Noble, so tomorrow I am taking the list of books above to see if the store has any of them in stock, and will also see what other Daily Devotional books for Moms they have. I might find one that's not on my list, that I know will nourish my soul and spirit, and be the "must have".

What I am wanting to get out of a Devotional, specifically for Moms, is what is noted in the product description for Ordinary Mom, Extraordinary God:

  • Resting quietly in the Lord, even on crazy–busy days

  • Being thankful for the duties as well as the joys of being a mom

  • Offering God a heart to prune so that it can continue to bear good fruit

This is exactly what I'm seeking for myself.


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