Sunday, April 3, 2011

Weekend Recap

Thank you to all of you who left a sweet comment, and who personally emailed me, wishing for Ilah's quick recovery from being under the weather. Our girl is back to her old self! When she was sick, it felt so fulfiling to tuck her cute little head under my chin, hold her close, and be able to comfort her and meet her needs. Now that she's almost 15 months old, she doesn't sit still and doesn't like to be held very much so I soaked in those moments while she was sick. Last week I finished getting everything for Ilah's Easter basket so I am officially done! While at Hobby Lobby {where I got the cute little bunny below}, I picked up everything that I need to make Easter cookies using royal icing!

Since Ilah was sick all last week, and was cooped up inside, we got out on Saturday and had lunch at the Olive Garden. She is having a fun time scribbling with crayons now....I can't believe the time has already come where she can "draw".

After lunch it was Ilah's nap time, so after she went down I headed out to Aldi to pick up some groceries.The XBox Connect has entered our home via Dele winning an app contest! At first I was less than thrilled that this console would grace our livingroom, causing my husband to stay up all hrs of the night, and sneeking out of bed like a little boy on Christmas morning dying to play with his "new toy". But I gotta say...the hubs was right...I got hooked and now daddy is gettin' whoop'd! Sorry honey! ; ) Over the weekend we noticed that "Bee Movie" was on tv and we recorded it for Ilah. It's super cute!! But she was quickly over it once she spotted my hat. So we turned off the tv {and decided that mommy and daddy would pick it up where it left off, after Ilah went to the bed. Ha!}. Sunday afternoon we took an hour long walk together {the weather was so nice!} and then had lunch at a Mexican restaurant! Yum! Being from California, the mexican food there is AMAZING and there aren't really any good spots here in Atlanta. Thank goodness the one that I like best, La Parilla, is close to us.... Ilah got her very first balloon on Sunday!! And while although she was still in this photo, it took us at least fifteen times to try to get a good picture because she was having so much fun swatting at it! Ha! On the way home from lunch, I picked up a Sunday newspaper so that I could get my couponing on! Last night I made lots of frilly hairbows for Easter! The ones that I previously made nearly all sold so it was time to make some more! If you're interested in buying one, you can visit my Etsy shop here: Morgan Lane Boutique. I also added lots of other bows to my inventory this weekend!!

Ilah won't nap at all today. Maybe she wants to trade places and prep dinner? ; )

Hope you are having a great Monday! P.S. - How is it already April 4th?!?!


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