Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Ilah, 15 Months

Ilah - our amazing little girl. Last week you turned 15 months old. I just cannot believe it. Fifteen {months} sounds like such a big number to me! The time is just flying - and naturally more and more of your personality is shining through as you continue to become a big girl.

You love to stand on the couch and lean over the edge. We always have a tight grip on your squirmy little self. When we go to put you down, you sometimes will throw a tantrum. Sorry. You can't always have your way sweet girl.

To absolutely love the outdoors. You love walking, running, making new friends at the park, and meeting new little ones. - doggies too : )You are very persistent in getting your way. You are headstrong and tempremental at times. When you want something, you definitely make it known!You are a big explorer. You love discovering new things. You are very observant and take a lot of things in. Your vocabulary is expounding. You have a lot of picture books and we read you lots of books to help with your vocabulary development. We are always in awe at how fast you get things!
You are always imitating what you see mommy and daddy do. It just cracks us up! This weekend you took a hold of the swiffer wet-jet and started mopping the floors! Daddy got a video of it! : ) You have started to color and I think your scribbles are just the cutest thing!! I can't wait to get you coloring books and share in that fun time of coloring with you, and giving your pictures to daddy when he gets home from work!You now pucker your lips when you go to give kisses! It's the cutest thing!! My heart melts when you come up to me randomly and put your little arms around my neck and pucker your lips to mine and give me a kiss. When you show your love for me it makes me want to cry because it's one of the greatest feelings in the world.

When you smile, I feel like my heart is about to burst!! To see you happy gives me so much joy...

You finally got the hang of moving forward on your riding toys!Your new favorite thing is to turn on and off the water in the bathtub. The spout in mommy and daddy's bathroom makes it so easy for you because you can just walk right up to it and turn the handle. You have started to show signs of becoming more attached to mommy than daddy. But then there are days that you make daddy's heart melt when he goes to give you a hug and a kiss before he leaves for work and you just won't let go of him! You are always going, going, going! You hardly ever sit still! Ha! Your favorite game with us is chase. No surprise there! Ha ha! You get a total kick out of us "coming after you".I'm surprised that you still let mommy put bows on your head and that you keep them there! I just love making frilly little hairbows to match your outfits!You love on your stuffed animals - and's the cutest thing! Even though they aren't real people, when I see you hug them and pat them in such a tender way, it gives me a glimpse into the sweet, caring, and loving little person that you are developing into! You are a very independent little girl! You aren't afraid to leave my side.... But soon enough, you come back to me : ) .....I pray that as you continue to grow, that God will continue to impart His best into you as you as you walk down your path of life.... From the moment that you entered this world, it seemed as though you were already fully aware of who you were. Your strengths, your smarts, your wittiness, your likes and dislikes – to see them all unfold has just been amazing. It's such a privilege to raise you.

We love and adore you more than words can say.

Love, Mommy & Daddy


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