Sunday, April 17, 2011

Beautiful Floor Design

Just because it’s underfoot, don’t overlook your floor’s potential to be a style-maker. Whether it’s an old wood floor in need of a spruce-up, or vinyl flooring chosen by a previous homeowner (who must have been color-blind), these ideas will have you treading happily. So, Start to design your floor and make it more beautiful with your own design or from this some references.

Ethereal Rug Floor Design

 This dazzlingly beautiful rug is from Top Floor, a multi-award winning design studio based in London. The firm, founded in 1988 by Design Director Esti Barnes, is located at the Chelsea Harbour Design Centre.

 Striped Floor Design
 Check out the eye-popping floor design made from vinyl tape by Glasgow-based artist Jim Lambie. The floor is in the Gramercy apartment that is the home of Tim Nye of the Nyehaus Gallery.

Mare Floors Design 

 Mare Floors GmbH, a German-based large format printer, used its UltraVu® 2600 to print a vibrantly colored and unusual underwater floor design for leading Madrid advertising agency, Estudio Cruz. The floor was installed by first applying a plastic layer to the existing concrete, and then bonding the self-adhesive vinyl graphics to the base-layer. Glass beads and crystals were adhered to the printed image and a matte covering was overlayed. The final touch was the installment of a special hard-wearing transparent film that helped to create a look of shimmering water.

Granite Floor Design 
 Since 2004 Mr. Elie Salloum; Founder and General Manager of Alfa Granit International has been the premier in the field of floor design. Their close cooperation with architects and designers coupled with the sensitivity to their special requirements has resulted in beautiful and quality results. They consider ourselves specialists in both Terrazzo and Granite. Their plant is modern and well staffed with experienced craftsman able to quickly and economically manufacture your orders with accurate, consistent and beautiful results.

Marmoleum Floor Design
 A 32 bed Pediatrics Ward fit-out at the Victoria General Hospital. Photo shows patient “Education Room” with feature floor design using marmoleum.

Simply Floor Design
 This floor design is made up of alternating 5-inch-wide and 7-inch-wide planks. The full width of the 5-inch-wide boards is painted green. The 7-inch-wide boards are painted with narrow green stripes. If needed, adjust the pattern measurements to fit the boards of your floor. Use each plank as one unit of width instead of following the measurement. On all other floors, simply mark the pattern as shown.

Anne Semler Floor Design

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