Tuesday, April 12, 2011

New Roof Lights to Luxury Decorating Filed Under: Lighting Design

New Roof Lights to Luxury Decorating 1

New Roof Lights to Luxury Decorating 2

New Roof Lights to Luxury Decorating3

Andromeda Fluxus is the new roof lights developed to decorate luxury White Gallery, The first great life style store in Rome. We present a preview of this light wave , developed in collaboration between Karim Rashid, Inventor of the single element in Glass Knit, And the artist Michael Vianello, Which has taken the concept of the work and the development of the project. Fluxus is a surface suspended by the apparent fluidity , composed of a myriad of elements that create the aesthetic expression of movement in space . Spread over 60 square meters and consists of 42,000 hand-made glass bodies , in 5 colors. L ‘lighting is provided from 5000 lamps halogen point . His debut in the local opening of the wing , expected in October.

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