Thursday, April 21, 2011

Ilah's 2nd Birthday Party Already On My Mind!

Although we are many months away from Ilah turning 2, the special occasion is on my mind! I started planning her 1st birthday far out from the big day as well, so it's only natural that her second birthday festivities are already swirling around in my head! : )

While at Hobby Lobby last week, I saw some cupcake trays that were so cute! Perfect for a party! Those little trays gave me my inspiration for Ilah's 2nd birthday party theme: Our Cupcake is Turning 2! I can't wait to delve in and begin prepping for this darling party that will be adorably "sweet"!

I began purusing the web for ideas yesterday and put together this inspiration board of some of my ideas....

I can now personally relate to every mother and father who would say that the time flies. Ilah is growing so quickly, the months are passing so fast, and I am cherishing each and every day!


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