Wednesday, April 27, 2011

A Spontaneous Date Night

Last night my husband and I had an impromptu date night. I love it when that happens! In the morning I had dropped Ilah off at my moms house and then went to Tuesday morning bible study at our church. Afterwards we all went to lunch {well, most of us went to lunch} and then afterwards I went on to run some errands. By the time I got back to my mom's house it was 4:30 p.m. Man, the time just flew!! Since Ilah was already at my mom's house, Dele asked if I was up for doing dinner at a new Cuban place that opened up near our home. We've been here once before, a few weeks ago, and loved it!! We bought a $25 gift certificate for just $2 off of and gave the new place a try. It has become one of our go-to spots now since the food is so good and it's so close to home! Not to mention, the atmoshere is beautiful, and on the weekends they play live music. Since discovering we really like this place, we bought a few more of the gift cards so we dine at a really nice place for super cheap : )
Dele met me there since he was coming from work and when we both got out of our cars, I jokingly said to him, "does your wife know you're here?". There was a man who passed by us just as I said that and after he walked by, he turned around and looked back at us! No one was meant to hear my little joke! Woops! Lol! We had the BEST time during dinner.

I told Dele that I can see why some married couples {who have children} consider a weekly date night {without children} to be so important. We dine out frequently, but Ilah is often with us {because we love having her with us} but as we sat at dinner together, not having to tend to a little one, our focus was solely on each other - and even though we weren't talking about anything deep or important, we really connected. It was such a wonderful night!

After dinner I went and picked up Ilah and told Dele to stay home and relax. He was up super late {5:30 a.m.!} the night/morning before finalizing an app that he has been working on. On the drive to get Ilah, I was on cloud 9. It's amazing what one hour of truly connecting with your spouse can do. It's so easy to get caught up in the routines of life; it's good for the soul to reconnect with the one you love, without a single simply be present and give all of yourself to one moment. It's bliss.


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