Thursday, October 1, 2009

Showcasing Beautiful Laundry Rooms

We don't have a laundry "room" per say. I consider it a laundry "space" - even though you can walk inside of it and it does have a door. I couldn't help but swoon when I came across these gorgeous laundry rooms. Having a pretty place to wash/dry/fold would motivate anyone to get loads done!

I'm loving the tile backsplash in this laundry room! Not to mention the tons of cupboard space and the cutouts for baskets to go in:

This is more a laundry "retreat". Absolutely gorgeous:

How about a downstairs space for a laundry room? With pretty wallpaper and a glamourous chandelier to add additional flair to an already chic space:

What a fresh space. I like how the white subway tiles blend nicely with the mustard colored wall and how they both tie in to the flooring and the wood used in the space:

The below laundry room is simple but just a few small touches make it oh-so-pretty:

The below space isn't very large but it's nicely layed out; I also really like the color combos that were used:

Not sure about the wine rack sharing the same space as the washer and dryer but stacking them in the corner gives the home owner a multi-functional room:

Although it's my opinion that this room looks cold and sterile, I do like the door and the transparent cabinets that make white towels and white toilet paper look pretty!:

If you happen to not have a large space for a washer and dryer, this is the perfect idea...sliding cabinet doors that hide them!:
I love all of the windows that make the laundry room below a bright and airy one! Aside from the cost of the built-in cabinets, creating this room wouldn't be too costly if the laundry room is already situated in a corner space.

Love the wallpaper, the chandelier, the wire compartments on the outside of some of the shelves and the hardwood floors:

This laundry room is more like a laundry "kitchen". Check out all the space!...

Another beautiful space with warm color combos. I would love to have a sink in the laundry room:

Check out the TV that has a home in the below laundry room!

This is another great use of space...adding a desk area that is beautifully positioned below a window that brings in lots of light:

With so many pretty laundry rooms showcased, it would be hard to choose which one I would want to recreate if the day came when we could actually put any one of these attractive spaces in our home! Maybe it will happen one day...a girl can dream, right?!?


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