Monday, October 12, 2009

Mini Bundt Cakes

Last Friday night we had some friends over for dinner and had a great time together! For dessert I had planned on making a large strawberry bundt cake with cream cheese icing topped with fresh strawberries!! But when I took out my large bundt cake pan the product paper was stuck to the pan with that ooey-goo that just wouldn't come off no matter how hard me, or the hubby, tried.

So I went to "Plan B" and got out the mini-bundt cake pans and went that route. Thank goodness I had those mini pans because my heart was set on making something more visually appealing just a plain ol' rectangular cake.
The dessert was sooo yummy and the mini bundt cakes were the perfect size for an individual dessert serving!! It inspired me to continue to put those mini bundt cakes to more use and look up other dessert ideas for them....

Dark Chocolate:





Red Velvet:

Chocolate with Raspberries:

Coconut with Mango Curd:



White Cake with Fresh Fruit:


Rum Raisin:

Strawberry with Whipped Cream:

Cranberry and Almond:

Chocolate on Chocolate:

Apricot with Whipped Cream:

And if you want to get all "fancy-schmancy" for the fall there's these mini bundt cakes:
Go here for the creative recipe!!


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