Sunday, October 18, 2009

A Day of Being Out and About

Yesterday the hubby and I made a trek across town to our favorite french bakery to pick up some petite fours. I couldn't even wait until we were home to have one; I delved in the box pretty immediately and did an inner happy dance. Isn't it wonderful to fulfill a sugary craving?!?

We spent a few hours out and about and little Ilah was just movin' and grovin' inside my tummy. Her movements are getting even more strong - although it's momentarily uncomfortable, I personally get a "kick" out of it {literally!}. It does bring a smile to my face and I tell her constantly that she's growing into a big girl!

I told my husband as we were driving in the car yesterday that maybe we should charge Ilah a monthly occupancy fee...a 9 month rental charge for the space she's taking up. I'll just hand the nurse an invoice to give to her right after she's had her hands and feet imprinted. Hey...I'm just trying think of ways to make this pregnancy more fun!


I picked up a free copy of American Baby Magazine in a local baby store that we went to yesterday and I wanted to share with all of you expecting moms and current moms {of especially infants and toddlers} how much I love this magazine. I've paid for a few pregnancy magazines and got some good advice and information from them but I gained something from practically every page of this free magazine. You can go here to sign up for a FREE subscription!!


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