Saturday, October 3, 2009

Can I Please Have a Pantry Like This?

Earlier in the week I shared how I have started my "nesting phase" {today I started organizing the garage}.

One of the areas in the house that I wish I had more space in is the pantry {I tell ya, when you become pregnant, it's known that you feel like the walls are closing in and you can't seem to have enough room anywhere. Thank you Fit Pregnancy Magazine for letting me know that I wasn't going crazy - ha!}.

So I've already done posts highlighting organized adult closets, children's closets, and showcased beautiful laundry rooms. Now let's have a lookie at a few pantries that I envy that someone else has in their home:

Everything has it's place on this mini pantry/kitchen equipment storage on wheels:

Even though it's not large, I love this hidden built-in pantry:

And how cute is this free-standing pantry that looks so gorgeous in this kitchen:

Do you share in my desire to have a well-organized pantry like any of the above? If you already do, please don't rub it in! Ha!


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