Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Becoming a Big Girl!

Dear Sweetest Ilah,

Today you are 26 weeks old! You are growing so big and healthy inside of mommy. I smile every morning when I wake up and I feel you already moving. Your kicks and movements make me laugh when you do them non-stop. There once was a time when you were so small that I couldn't yet feel you as you moved about. Now you're becoming a big girl and you are definitely a mover and a shaker. I have recognized your sleeping pattern: You are an early riser and stay up for a few hours in the a.m. - then you go back to sleep and become active again after I eat lunch - then you're quiet again until nighttime hits and that's when you become a night owl and stay awake until around 1 a.m. Your Daddy and I love to look down at my tummy and see you move!

Your daddy is already trying to teach you how to say "Da-da". Daily he leans down and speaks to you inside of my tummy and after giving you loving words, he ends his talk with you by saying "daaaa-daaaa". I jokingly override him and quickly say "maaaa-maaaa". Ha! We wonder which one you will say first but really it doesn't matter - your first word, whatever it may be, will be precious for us to hear.

Mommy is beginning to experience shortness of breath {yep, I'm feeling the pressure of you on my diaphragm - and my bladder!} and I'm also having frequent back aches that make me toss and turn until I find a comfy spot. I feel you kick and move the most when I am laying on my left side. Looks like you may have a preferred spot too! While both mommy and daddy can't wait until you are here so that we can begin loving on you, Mommy especially, can't wait - having you on the OUTSIDE of my tummy is something that I'm looking forward to!

Last night your daddy called me his "baby carrier". That was a rather unusual term of endearment that he found amusing. He even said that's how he was going to begin introducing me to new people. I think not. Not unless he wants to know what it feels like to have mommy give him a kick.

I have asked your daddy if he would mind carrying you the rest of the way, until January, but that isn't flying with him. I figure my gracious offer would let him know what it really feels like to be pregnant since he makes comments like,"I can only imagine how you feel". But daddy didn't take me up on my proposal. He said that's not how God intended it. Lucky daddy.

Keep growing healthy and keep getting big for us! We're already so proud to be your parents! Just a few more months and you will be in our arms.

We love you,

Mommy & Daddy


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