Monday, October 5, 2009

Random Things That Kept Me Awake Last Night

When my husband's head hits the pillow for the night, he is out like a light. Me on the other hand...not so much. So many things swirl around in my head before I can even enter the "light sleep" zone. If even a fly comes in the room I wake up. If a bulldozer came in, my husband wouldn't even flinch.

So last night, these were the random things that I was thinking about before I eventually entered the sleeping realm:
  • Does Cindy Crawford really just use that one cream, that is now advertised on that infomercial, to make her skin look that great?
  • The chicken in the Chipotle burrito wasn't that spicy today - yet I have heart burn. Hhmm.
  • I need to go to Pottery Barn Kids this week.
  • It felt so good to completely clean out the room that will be the baby's nursery. We still need to tackle the left side of the garage and I need to get in our closet and get to organizing it.
  • I need to make a grocery list and scour the net for coupons.
  • Tomorrow I definitely need to fulfill that brownie sundae craving.
  • I need to call the Dr's office in the am and get a prescription refill.
  • I can't believe I have to return some of the clothes that I just bought for the winter. Oh well, that's what I get for not trying them on at the store.
  • The car needs to be serviced this week. We need to stop talking about it and actually do it.
  • The flu shot. Need to get one this week. The swine flu shot...still uneasy about getting that one.
  • I need to straighten my hair either tomorrow or Tuesday.
  • Kate Gosselin is going to be on The Today Show in the morning; I wonder if I will get up in time to watch her avoid questions that will ruffle her feathers.
  • I need to tidy up the downstairs rooms.
  • I need to remember to add some items to the baby registry.
  • Uhh...this heartbearn needs to go away.
  • Well hello precious little girl...what are you doing awake? {insert Ilah kicking}
  • Should I, or should I not, get a mobile to attach to Ilah's crib? Necessary or no?
  • What will I eat for breakfast?
So...I did wake up this morning in time to tune into The Today Show {which I usually watch in the a.m.} and caught Meredith Vierra's second part interview with Kate Gosselin - surprisingly, Kate opened up more than she ever has and gave lengthy answers rather than the usual predictable one liners. I don't really take sides on Jon and Kate's drama-filled life and how it has all played out in the media. Each of them has their shortcomings, just as they also have exceptional qualities about them {I'm sure}. In my opinion, these two have severely strayed away from their marriage covenant and lost focus of the many important things that "once was" to them. For instance, in their first few seasons, they often spoke about God, were filmed going to church and openly discussed in their interviews how Christ was the foundation of their home. It's so sad to see how their marriage has crumbled. While most media outlets give a tit-for-tat as to why that is, I ultimately believe that it's because they now each have their own set of priorities which doesn't include bringing Christ back into the center of their marriage. They have settled for a dissolve of their marriage rather than a proper rebuilding of it.

Granted, I don't "know" either party, nor the things that were privately going on in their home, but it still remains a disheartening situation for their children who are in the midst of the untangling of their parent's marriage and how each of them are going about handling it. I say Kate needs to unplug from the show, Jon needs to resign from his wild ways, and they each need to stop doing interviews in which they use the media as an outlet to insult one another and air their dirty laundry. They both need to begin to conduct themselves in a more civilized, respectful manner towards one another. We don't need to be kept up to date on their private marital affairs. Our lives will go on if we don't read late breaking news about Jon's latest uncanny actions, followed by Kate issuing a public statement about his latest outlandish behavior. We get it. These two are in the midst of bitter divorce. But I think it's long overdue for Jon and Kate to make a decision to handle their issues in a confidential manner and remember who they once were before all the media hype - two people who wanted the best for eachother and their family.


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