Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Crib and Changing Table - What to Get

When we first moved into our newly built three bedroom home we knew which room would be the babies room and purposely left that bedroom completely empty since we had planned on having a little one within the first year or two of marriage. Although we got pregnant way sooner than expected {our Dr. determined that our conception date was just two weeks after we returned from our honeymoon} we are so blessed to soon have a precious little girl who will fill that room with lots of laughter, and our home with lots of love.

We plan on ordering our baby furniture {convertible crib and changing table} next week! I'm so excited to begin transforming the empty room into a beautiful haven for our little girl that is due to arrive in early January!

The crib and changing table need to be in place before many of the decor accents can go up since I'm a perfectionist and everything has to be aligned properly! So in the meantime, all of the decor is in a corner of Ilah's room waiting to be placed "here and there".

After mulling over a few cribs, I was certain that I was going to go with this set...

But just this weekend, I came across this one and equally love it...

I think my dilemma is that I love the first crib, but prefer the changing table that goes with the second crib. I'm not sure if pairing two different pieces would blend well {I suppose that's dependent upon how well the two different antique white's match}. Still thinking this over but I need to decide soon!


If you're interested:
First crib set by Stanley Furniture, Ma Marie
Second crib set by Legacy Classic Kids, Enchantment


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