Thursday, October 8, 2009

Items for Baby Ilah

I decided that I've purchased enough outfits for little Ilah. For months I've gone crazy purchasing every adorable outfit that I see. There are so many clothes already hanging in her closet! I think it's natural for first time moms to go a bit overboard with buying clothes {especially for a little girl. Am I right?}. But even with that said, I have seen some baby closets entirely filled to capacity and there little one hasn't even arrived yet and I think to myself, "Half of those clothes wont even get worn and so much money was spent!". I think my mom and I have purchased just enough outfits that if we don't get any at my baby shower {which is unlikely} that Ilah will still be good to go for the first 9 months!

Nursery decor is another area that I've halted in since everything has been purchased, but when I come across something as cute as the little hanging door element below, I have to buy it {especially since it was only $2.99!}:

I bought the below outfit last week {this will be known as my last purchase *I think*}. I love outfits that come with matching hats!! I just can't pass up purchasing warm adorable outfits since Ilah will be born in January.

I also couldn't pass up buying these shoes!

I've been looking for a nice diaper bag for a while; while my mom and I were out we came across this one and she bought it for me. Thanks mom! It's a spacious bag that has outside side pockets, interior pockets, zipper compartments, a pull out changing pad, and a lose pull out zipper pouch.

My mom also bought this set for Ilah that will hold her birth certificate, her first curl, and her first tooth {not sure we will keep her first tooth though!}

I spotted this cozy gray and ivory blanket in the store and had to get it...something that's not pink!

The same day that I bought the above hanging door element, I also purchased the below plaque that will be displayed on a wall in the nursery.

Another decor element that I didn't showcase in this post, was the below wall sconces that I bought a few months ago. I already owned the greenery.

Just a little over three months and our little girl will be here!!!


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