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Live blog with Aisam-ul-Haq Qureshi

Live blog with Aisam-ul-Haq Qureshi Hello everyone!
First of all, I want to thank everyone for all the prayers and support. A special thanks to everyone who turned up at the airport to welome me! I was quite surprised to see so many people there.
Now, for the questions.
I will start off by answering the questions received in the last few days…
Aisha Jalil: Asalam-o-Alikum Aisam,
First of all Congrats on your achievement of being the first Pakistani to reach in the finals of any US open (or grand slam) tournament. You made us all very proud Pakistanis. Keep up the good work. Your speech at the prize distribution ceremony was just awesome. I mean u said exactly what every Pakistani would like to convey to the world and the impact of your words had tremendous effect not only on the people around the world but also on the youth of Pakistan. Thank you for upholding the pride of Pakistan and also the pride of Pakistani Sports people.
There is a lot of work to be done in order to rebuild and reconstruct the sports infrastructure of Pakistan. But I guess not a lot of the prevailing sports administrators are interested in hiring or utilizing young talented people for sports development.  Anyways, lets hope for the best.
Best Regards.
Aisam: Thank you Aisha. I am InshaAllah planning on developing tennis in Pakistan. Keep praying.
MUHAMMAD SHAHID CHHIPA: Well done. Keep going like this. May Allah gives you strength and courage in your future also. The best thing you did while you were on the court is that you courgeouly told the world what Pakistan and its people are. They were truly brave and courageous comments you told about Pakistan against millions and billions of people around the world.
Aisam: Thank you.
Almas Abbas: What is your inspiration and motivation behind the success?
Aisam: Very simple. To make my parents and country proud.
Hani: Hi Aisam,
Congratulations on the victory! (making it this big was a victory for our nation, it doesn’t matter what the score was in the finals)
We need patriotic, confident, educated, discipline and mature sportsmen like you in the country who will always make us proud. The nation should have enough trust and confidence in its sportsmen to feel proud of them regardless of their performance. The trust we had in jehangir / jansher / imran khan… the trust we had in the hockey players…
Keep on doing your best and your have our back.
You have made Pakistan proud! and your speech at the ceremony were the words of our nation.
I never followed tennis in my life but i will start to do so with interest inshAllah.
Good luck with your future endeavors.
Aisam: It gives me great pleasure to know that I have been able to generate interest in tennis. It’s what I’ve been striving to do all these years.
ahmed farooq butt: ASA Aisam,
one and only vital question by all the pak community in Australia:)
What are your plans for Australian Open 2011 coming year? there is so much positive vibe and happiness in all the pakistani communities here , and many want travel to Melbourne to see you in action if you end up touring Down Under!!!
all the best with whatver you plan and see fit!
in all honesty, you have made us proud with both of your second place speeches, where a few people from other backgrounds have let us down.
Aisam: I am looking forward to the Australian Open. I love Australia. Really enjoy playing in Melbourne. I will spend some time in Sydney, too, this time.
Ehtisham Ayub (Wah Cantt): Dear Aisam
Salute! you as did that nobody can do especially with our limited resources and sports infrastructure.
You have plenty of experience as you moved up with the crunches and touched the sky, i want to know how will you utilize your experience to groom the home talent and secondly do you have any plan to give an exposure to Aqeel Khan to become your partner at world level tournaments.
Aisam: The only thing I can do for him is to encourage him to play more and more international tennis and improve his ranking. Aqeel and I aim to play together at the 2012 Olympics but that will only be possible if I am in the top 10 ATP rankings so that’s the goal.
Mudassar Z. Khan: Dear Aisam, Assalam o alaikum,
May Allah bless you with more talent and courage. Your performance and speech was awsome – “We want peace as much as you guys”.
Aisam: Thanks
Humayun Irshad: Very well done! Aisam you gave a great pleasure to the nation at this particular time when the whole nation was devastated by floods, cricketer’s gambling and Sialkot incidence. Please keep it up with a patriotic, enthusiastic and down to earth spirit.
Your comments were remarkable. You are the real ambassador of Pakistan.
Please never ever become arrogant, money maker, greedy. Our nation gives too much respect to our national heroes but most of them have disappointed the nation by earning through unfair means. So have faith in Allah, and play for this country. Play for a cause.
Aisam: Thank you, Humayun.
N Qazi: Assalamualakum Aisam.
Congratulations on your achievement.
U put up a great show there; especially the comments that you made to tell the paranoid americans not to sereotype our whole nation…
On another note, I knwo it will be difficult, but are you doing anything so Tennis doesn’t die its death in Pakistan? Please use your recent achievements to get some kind of sponsorship/ funding from world tennis association or may be UN or some olympics committe and start your own academy which can produce future committed players like yourself. & if you have any links with jehangirt, please request him to do the same for Squash.
We have to motivate our young people to participate in sports and athletics….well done mate on doing your bit. Hope your image motivates a lot of pakistani young people.
Aisam: I plan on opening an academy soon, where I will train young tennis players. I’ve always tried to promote tennis.
Saniya: hey aisam!!
Question: What problems did you face while playing and practising in Pakistan ?
Aisam: There aren’t that many world-class players here and you only improve when you play against the best. But it’s my responsibility to help the youngsters. I feel I am doing my job right and will keep up my efforts to young players.
Ahmer: A precious thanks to you bro.
May Allah be with you, ameen.
good on ya mate. good on ya
Aisam: You’re most welcome, bro.
Saher: O my God!!!!!!!!!! what an amazing speech u made infront of whole world after your splended performance.. The SIMPLE but INFLUENTIAL words followed by huge round of applause and appreciation are hard to ignore.. Your words are the voice of every Pakistani. The thing is we as a nation wanted a platform to give our feelings a voice… HOW and WHEN to deliver is the thing needs focus and now it’s obvious that it’s not that hard too. You’ve bacame an example for us .. Every Pakistani living in any country/region/piece of world, whether popular or not, can make it possible.
I want to thank and congratulate specially your Parents/Guide for their well brought-up.
I like your personality as well :0)
Keep rocking and stay blessed.
Aisam: Thanks for the kind words. I want to thank my parents too, they’re the main reason behind my success.
Hassan: You made us proud. Keep up the good work and best of luck for your future.
Aisam: Thanks, Hassan.
Bilal Anwar: AOA Aisam….We are so proud of you brother…May Allah give you more success and may you keep making us proud. We love you !!!! Thank you and keep spreading positivity around the world about PAKISTAN!!
Aisam: That’s always my aim, to lift Pakistan’s image and win laurels for my country. I love you more.
Mohammed Abbasi: I don’t really have much to say except keep up the good work
Aisam: I will try my best.
Tehmina: Dear Aisam, congratulations on your and your partners’ amazing performance in the US Open. As a Pakistani in New York, I was so proud to see you make it to the finals of the doubles events. Your remarks at the end were also so well said. Thanks for lifting our morale, and good luck with your future endeavours, we will certainly be cheering for you!
Aisam: Thanks for the support. I just wanted to relay the feelings of millions of Pakistanis.
Bilal: THANKS for bringing smiles on the faces of all pakistanis!!! you gave us hope and made us proud!!! keep it up!!
Aisam: You’re most welcome.
salman jafri: 1) what do you intend to do after tennis not talking singing or marriage or acting in lollywood during the tennis career but after tennis?
2) what do you make of pakistan’s sport scene?
3)what do you think of young players in your sport in comparison with other sports and in other countries?
4) do you think you will become a sports writer afterwards or is that written for you?
5) have you ever played at gymkhanas what do you make of admissions on to tennis courts
6) at your university – you played tennis i assume what do you think now looking back?
7) what you do make of your impact on tennis do you think kids will want to take it or will they drift after you quit pro tennis like squash champs – the khans jehangir or jansher khan in squash?
when do you think tennis will be able to get a dubai golf – $1million dollar prize type for dubai or asia?
Aisam: To answer some of your questions…
2. Right now it’s very sad because there is not international event happening here because of terrorism. I hope we can get international events back soon so we can get sports going.
3. Everybody is trying to get laurels for their country. It’s easier for them because they don’t have visa issues, they have facilities. But it doesn’t change the fact that I should work hard or start blaming the authorities.
4. No, I doubt it.
5. That’s different. They’re private clubs, run by private people.
7. I am not planning on quitting straight away. I will try to get more people start taking interest in tennis. I’m just trying to become a role model like the squash greats. I will hope to make more tennis champions.
Alena: Aisam! I have always loved tennis but missed Pakistan in the sport! And finally you have filled the void! Loved every bit of your play! Do more! Unlike Pakistan’s majority of media, I and many others will be by your side through thick and thin! Cause u made us proud  All the Bessst!
Aisam: I’m glad you enjoy my game. I will try my best to keep promoting tennis and Pakistan.
Murtuza Babrawala: Excellent Aisam. You have played and performed well. You have done well to show the World that Pakistan and India can be friends and work well with each other. Our politicians have failed us with respect to positive India and Pakistan relationship. Would you do something alongwith you partner Bhopana to show in either India or Pakistan that our countries can live and develop as good neigbours?
Aisam: Rohan and I are already trying to prove that Pakistanis and Indians can be friends and work together. One big step was to see both countries’ UN ambassadors sitting together. Hopefully we can take it forward from there.
Bilal Ali: Hello Aisam! first of all congradulations and Hats off to ur acheivements In US open. Well it could’nt be beter then this, in our country specially where some people took the Moral and standards of sports to a disgraceful and shameful state specifically CRICKET. IN such circumstances u made us proud that now we can imagine Pakistan in the world of tennis.
do you think that now besides men’s double or mixed u would be looking to acheive the same MILESTONE in mens SINGLE because this is the only event that i think u should also make an Pakistani name on that platform. we will always pray that u acheive maximum success in ur coming future (AMIN)
Aisam: All my life I’ve tried to promote the game…whether by playing singles or doubles. Singles is not my first priority even though I will be playing singles at Commonwealth Games and Davis Cup. I’ve just realised that I can promote Pakistan and tennis better in doubles.
SALEEM SHAHID (MEO SHEHR SULTAN): Q. Did it ever happen to you Dear AISAM that sme bookies as we see in the case of Pak crickcters? If yes, how did you feel and what was your reaction to that filthy offers
Aisam: No. So far never. Everyone knows my character on the ATP circuit. Even if they do, my answer is going to be no so I don’t think they’ll approach me.
T. Adil: Dear Aisam,
For starters, thank you so much for all you did for the people of Pakistan on and off the field. It was really commendable and you came forth at a time that can easily be seen as the lowest of lows we have seen as a nation. God bless you with more than what you can dream of and much more!
I would just like to make a comment and say that please stay the same person and always behave as responsibly as you have so far. We as a nation do not have the best track record in doing so and easily forget that each and every one of us, especially those who represent the country on such huge platforms, are ambassadors to the country and should always put that before indivdual gains.
May this only be the start for you and you always help Pakistanis hold their heads up high as you did.
Good luck and God bless!
Aisam: I have always tried to make my country proud and I hope to continue doing that. I always tend to keep my feet on the ground.
nabeel ahmed: Hi Aisam, you really made us proud. May Allah bless u with all the success n happiness in ur life. Amen
Well I dnt have words to praise u. you gave us a hope n boosted the moral of the nation at this time of distress and frustration. Keep winning and try hard for making tennis popular in Pakistan.
Aisam: Thanks, Nabeel. I am glad I could bring some relief to the nation during such hard times.
Wahid sharif: As Salaam O Alaikum
Dear Aisam ul Haq
Grate job done keep it up
Aisam: Thank you so much Wahid, and I will try my best to keep it up!
Muhammad Asif: Commendable Performance, Both in field and off the field. I appreciate your efforts in making a point to the whole world that we are as peace loving as the rest of the world. Since you have now become a Hero of the nation you have more responsibility on your courageous sholders. I am with you and so are the thousands of well wishers for our beloved homeland, lets reunite and stand up as a nation not as a crowd… “PAKSITAN ZINDABAD”
Aisam: Thank you for the appreciation, Asif. I have only been able to do this due to the players of my compatriots. I hope to keep making you proud.
Rushna Khurram: Salaam Aisam,
Yes, your speech teared me up a bit too. In times of so much hatred against Pakistan when people have forgotten amongst their infinite accusations that it is we the Pakistan being victimised the most though we sustain our resilience, you said it all on behalf of Pakistan – the land and the people.
Aisam: That was my aim, to give some positive news to Pakistanis in times of such hardship. I just wanted to convey my feelings as a peace-loving Pakistani
Karim Dilawar: Hi Aisam,
Just wanted to know if you were to vote right now…who would you like to see as PM of Pakistan?
Aisam: Anyone who can take the nation in the right direction, I would vote for them. Just like any normal, patriotic Pakistani would.
Faisal Qureshi: Hi Aisam, dude you are awesome, and your overwhelming speech touched the heart of MillionS!! and will be remembered for long InshAhllah  …
ok so a question hmmm, you are good looking guy plus without any doubt u’ve won hearts of many!! Ladies.. so tell me what was your previous life like?..any affairs? girls?..those moments you knw..
Aisam: I like to keep my personal life private. It’s for me to know, and for you guys to find out. I definitely don’t break any hearts intentionally!
Haris Hussain: Dear Aisam,
Congrats on your great achievement with your neighbouring partner. Well, keep yourself flying high in the skies but beware not to fly too much as it can decrease your energy and you will flee back with enormous speed. Its an advice.
Keep up the dignity of the flag of Pakistan on your young shoulders. Best of luck for your future assignments!!
Aisam: Thanks for your advice. I always try my best to keep my feet on the ground and my head on my shoulders. Trust me I never ever try to fly high except ofcourse when I am sitting in an aeroplane.
Ayesha: Dear Aisam,
heartiest congrats on doing so well, both for yourself and for your country have filled our hearts with pride..
and in return, i am enrolling my nine year old son in tennis lessons…
may Allah bless you every day with happiness, and more achievements..ameen
Aisam: Great to know that this has exactly been my mission always. I’ll be the happiest man on earth to see many more Aisam’s being produced who may also glorify Pakistan’s name.
Aila Khan: Hi Aisam
Cheering you all the way from Down Under. Your speech was the best ever!!!
Aisam: Thanks
Zeeshan Qazi: AoA Aisam,
I have been a tennis fan since my school days when Becker and Steffi Graff started winning. Watching you (a Pakistani) play the finals of a grand slam was literary a ‘Dream Come True’ as much for me and my folks as it must have been for you. You have really made us all so proud. May Allah SWT bless u and give u more successes in the future.
U showed great character when u used the historic occasion to voice those historic comments as those were the only good words the world has heard about Pakistan since long.
I would really appreciate if you could (whenever/wherever possible) send the message of ‘Unity’ to Pakistani populace as we are so deeply entangled into this ethnic, sectarian and religious strife… May Allah SWT help us.
JazzakAllah hi Khair!
Zeeshan Qazi
Aisam: Sure. That is what I am doing all the time.
Hashim Raza: You did the heroic deed exactly at the much needed time when the mood of the nation was somber and melancholic due to the misdeeds of our cricket heros whose wicked acts brought shame and ignominy to the already distressed nation.
Aisam: Let us hope that all of us the Pakistan’s start to feel more responsible towards our country and our freedom.
Khalid Hasan: Hello Aisam!
This is a sincere advise for you to concentrate more towards your game instead of indulging into the fame-game. You have to go beyond what you have achieved so far, and that would only be possible when you work hard further to win an individual WORLD TITLE. You need to have that to become a REAL PRIDE FOR THE NATION. Please take yourself off from the media fame and WORK HARD TOWARDS YOUR GAME ONLY.
Aisam: Trust me that fame will never go to my head. It will only be used in a positive manner to spread my message of peace, harmony and promotion of tennis.
Ahmed Khalid Sheikh: salam
well done.u did really well is US open.what future do u see of tennis in paistan.i wanted ask are there any other pakistani players playing tennis that would become seeded after 2 or 3 years.will u partipicate in australian open in doubles or of luck.
please reply
Aisam: I shall inshaallah play Australian Open 2011 in doubles & mix doubles. Unfortunately there is no other Pakistani on professional tennis circuit.
Adel Shikha: Is Roger Federer a Racist, refused to shake your hand and did not want to play with you or said something insulting about you? There is a rumor that all this is true but I hope it is not and want your unbiased version of what really happened in your two encounters with him ?
Aisam: Federer is not at all a racist. He is actually a wonderful person as well as much as he is a wonderful tennis player. He never refused to shake hand. Actually he even come to me in the locker room after I defeated him last year in Basel to wish me good luck.
M. Bilal (Lahore): How do you practice your volleys? I really want to learn to play nice volleys. Please tell me how to practice them? and who is your favorite tennis player?
Aisam: My all time favourite tennis player is Stefen Edberg.
Regarding volley practice suggestin, please come and meet me at tennis court if you are in Lahore. You can also contact Mr. Rasheed Malik at Bagh-e-Jinnah coaching centre in Lahore.


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