Thursday, July 21, 2011

Interior Designing: Mediterranean Style

Are you fascinated by glamorous design and high roofs? Do you love to have open space in your house? Are you an admirer of European Style and culture? If you possess the following attributes, then here are perfect and easy Interior Designing ideas for you. If you enjoy admiring bedroom Interior designs, ideas for glamorous living room Interior and fashionable bathroom Interiors then the Mediterranean Style is your only solution. Mediterranean Style varies from being simple to be extremely formal. The use of furniture, the choice of color and texture makes your home look beautiful. It adds drastic beauty to the Interior of your house.

Although the word Mediterranean explains everything but for an explanation to unaware readers, Mediterranean is the Interior Designing Style used in European countries. It is not known when this Style was used in Interior Designing but, it dates back from the fifteenth century and shows the historic significance of this Interior Designing Style. The Style induces romance and abundance of smells, tastes, colors and textures used in the southern coast of Europe. The Mediterranean Interior Designing Style depicts the casualness and friendly nature of the native land. This region is known for its beautiful flowing streams, glorious sunlit days and blooming flowers. These things are reflected in the Mediterranean Interior design.
The Mediterranean Interior Designing Style is a mixture of Italian, Spanish and English Styles for Interior designs. The Style comprises of some basic materials which are given below.

The basic purpose of the Mediterranean Style is to make your place look warm and cozy. Sandy and warm colors are used to reflect the perfect Mediterranean Style as it reminds us of the beauty and warmth of Mediterranean coasts.

Flooring and Walls
Mosaic tiles designs exemplify the exquisiteness of a Mediterranean Interior. Stenciled mosaic borders on floors, walls or furniture give a stunning gaze to your place. Layers of paint and glaze rubbed with hand on plaster or sand-textured walls are great to add visual strength. Walls finished with colored beeswax or tinted drywall compound will also help in adding a real look to your place.

Bronze and wrought-iron serve as the basics for the Mediterranean Style accessories. Urns, light fixtures, fireplace screens etc serve as the fundamentals for Mediterranean Style Interiors. Furnishings are usually made out of wrought iron to give an exquisite look that harks back of the Mediterranean splendor.


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