Monday, July 25, 2011

Prepping for a Small Living Room Transformation!

Our new couches are arriving this Saturday! I'll be wondering if every big truck I hear is our delivery guy, as I'll be anticipating the sound of the doorbell! Ha! In case you missed the post, we purchased two of these couches....
I've strolled through several stores the past two weeks eyeing pillows up and down. I have certain fabric patterns in mind to go with our new couches and I haven't seen anything that was quite right. I started to contemplate making my own [no-sew] pillows but then decided to forgo that idea. When the idea was swirling around in my head though, I headed to the fabric aisle of Hobby Lobby and this pattern drew me in ...
I've been looking online for pillows as well and Pottery Barn had several that I liked. I just didn't like the price that went with them!

I also still love the fabric pattern on the pillow below. Thank you to Malissa, a reader who left me the name of the fabric in her comment on my initial post.
I want to use striped pillows to compliment pretty fabric pillows. This color hue is perfect!
To tie both looks in - in a chic way - are these two beauties that I bought last week. I LOVE THEM!! One will go on each couch.

I received a gift card for my birthday that could be used at TJ Maxx, Marshalls or Homegoods so these pillows cost me NOTHING.
I've seen these style pillows before on home decorating shows, and I think also in a few model homes that we've toured. I was always drawn to them but never came across them in any of the stores that I shop at. I scored BIG TIME when I spotted them at Marshalls last week!
I say I scored big time because look at how inexpensive they were!....

If you like these pillows and want some of your own, but can't find them in a Marshalls store near you, here is the name of the company that made these....

If you aren't frugal like me, the "Queen Bee" pillow can also be found at Dillards {you can also purchase it online here, for $24}. Both of the pillow designs can be found on Ebay here and here {for $47.50 ea + $12.50 shipping}.

I've also been on the look out for a new picture [or pictures] to go above our new couch. I still have some money left on that gift card ; )


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