Wednesday, July 20, 2011

keeping it together

I have had some very sweet emails asking me "how do you keep it all together" which makes me laugh uncontrollably. 

Keep it together?    Who.....Me?.??  Have you seen the bags under my eyes, or the state on my fingernails...?  I can't even get a full hour in the day to squeeze in some hair color which I desperately need..BTW

So the answer to this question my dear lovers who are thoughtfully,  I don't keep it together at all!!!! I regularly have mental and over the top emotional break downs involving curse words and throwing heavy objects at my husbands head, or sometimes I am found running down my streets at midnight wearing nothing but running shoes and a helmet made of tin foil singing to myself in tongues. Shit gets so stressful around my house/business some days, I think to myself....."you think anyone would notice if I just built a tee pee outside in the yard and slept in it all week, with a sign on the door reading 

"DEAD FOR THE NEXT 3-5 business days
Please Come Back Later when I am back alive"

OK, I digress. 
Yes I have a lot on my plate and yes I somehow manage to do about %85 of it really, really well. 

There is always a method to my madness.Organized chaos for me is key....let me let you in on some of my crazy...

My once pretty desk has now become a mess...

an organized mess however that has somehow managed to migrate into my dining room and take over the dining table as well.

poor dining table..

Then there is my actual Laptop Desktop disaster. Which is by far the most dis ourganized organization I have ever seen.

I even felt the need to photograph my outfit to make sure my crazy eyes didn't miss if I was covered in dog shit, or G had drawn on my face with markers before my meeting with a client..

Whilst we are on the subject, I know how so many bloggers post themselves wearing outfits.....I myself am on the fence to do or not to do.? Would you guys think I was soooo annoying if I started doing outfit to room post using my own outfits? Would you care???

Have a great day...go get a mani+pedi and think of me loosing my mid.



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