Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Looking Cute For The Raindrops

Remember this post when I spewed about how hectic the month of October would be for me? Well, I'm in the thick of it. Everything is piling on top of each other. I was prepared for the things that were written on my calendar...but then came things that I didn't anticipate having to deal with. Its as if a truck driver made a front door delivery of "hoopla" and said "good luck with that ma'am" and bolted. I got a lot handed to me last week/over the weekend/this week that I didn't anticipate {so glad the bout of food poisoning is behind me!} but I'm forging through and am determined to come out alive ; ) {I say that as if I spent the last week in the Antarctic with no source of food or water or shelter}. Yes, I can be over dramatic sometimes ; ) But really though....I've been balancing a lot lately. No times to list it all....cause I need to get to the next thing on my list!

I'm behind on posting Ilah's 20 month milestone update. First time I have let an entire month lapse. Our sweet girl is 21 months old today{!}...which means if I don't get to it, I'll be behind on that one too {note to self: add to the "to do" list}. I've been snapping pictures mostly with my phone lately and not bothering with the mac-daddy camera as much. Although I love taking pictures of Ilah, I have been way too busy to spend a chunk of my afternoon sitting on the floor, in various origami like positions, enduring sweaty armpits to maybe get three cute photos of my darling little girl. Ilah is probably loving the break! Ha! Sharper photos of Ilah will eventually grace these web pages in the near future but for now, the edited camera phone ones will have to suffice : ) Better than nothing, right? : )

There's a couple of exciting things that are just around the corner:
  • My closest girlfriend Jennifer will be arriving TOMORROW, from California, to visit me for 5 days!!
  • For the past couple of months I've been helping plan our church's women's retreat that is next weekend! Two days after my girlfriend leaves, I'm headed to the mountains! We rented two GORGEOUS places and we have so many wonderful things planned...and then there's always the unexpected things that God has in store! The planning meetings have been at my home for the past several weeks in the evening and I have just LOVED having this group of ladies over for dinner and planning! It's been a highlight of my week!
  • Our church's Halloween night of fun will be a super fun family night with Ilah! Looking forward to that at the end of the month!!
  • Our trip to Playa del Carmen Mexico is approaching! You have no idea how much I am looking forward to this trip!! Shoot...I'll be all smiles just walking through the airport! Speaking of airports....does anyone else just love being in an airport?! Unless of course, you're trying to reclaim lost luggage.

The last few days in Atlanta it has been dreary and drizzly. We've been staying indoors, except today when we went out to the grocery store this morning for a few things.

Thank you again to all of you who voted for my husband's awesome app! {if you missed that post, go here}. There's just a few more days left to vote in this contest and it's close! If wish to support his app and vote for him, go to the link below {you can vote through your FB account}! Thank you for your support!!

Hope you have a great day and a wonderful week!!!

P.S. - I typed out this post so fast that I have no idea how many misspelled words I didn't catch, run-on sentences I failed to recognize, or correct punctuation that I failed to notice. Please forgive them ; )


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