Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Ilah, 21 Months Old

I can now relate to every parent out there who has said "time flies" as it relates to how quickly their children have grown up. My daughter is just a few months shy of turning 2 and it seems just now that she should be turning 1. I feel like it wasn't at all almost two years ago that we welcomed her into the world and into our seems like yesterday.

Ilah, you are the most amazing little girl. Some days I still refer to you as a baby but then when I see these pictures of you below, I see a beautiful, independent little girl. I am so blessed that I get to stay home with you so we can share these special days together. Your daddy wanted that for us even before you came into this world, and he works so hard to make that happen. I am so thankful that I get to be a part of every minute of your day.

What have you been up to at 21 months sweet Ilah?....

  • You wear a size 5 diaper, size 2T clothes, and a size 8 shoe.
  • You take one nap a day and sleep so long for your daddy and your Abuela. But for mommy...not so much. I might get an hour and a half of downtime while you nap, while they get at least three hours. Why Ilah? Why?!!! ; )
  • You have gotten so tall! I really see it in these pictures.

  • Most mornings you start off your day cuddling up in bed with us and watching a cartoon. We love the quality time as a family to start off all of our days.
  • You are an outdoors girl all the way. You have a total meltdown when you have to come inside.
  • You love discovering the world around you...every little thing. Even the leaves that blow by.

  • You are incredibly smart. We started playing with your ABC puzzle board and it only took you two days before you could put every single letter in their proper place on the first try!
  • You eat with a fork and a spoon so well. No messes from you! People are always recognizing how coordinated you are and how well you eat your food.
  • You are always saying "hi" and "bye" to people that you just meet, and offer them whatever might be in your hand at the moment - one day it was mommy's debit card! Ha! You are not shy at all.! You are such a sweet girl, and you love to share.

  • Ilah, you can be quite the show off! Ha! When someone new comes around, you zip through the house showing them everything that you can do!
  • You can now walk up and down the stairs all on your own. Say what?! Aren't you still too young for that?! See what I are showing us every day how much of a big girl you are!

  • You are always ready to take off running!
  • You "fake sneeze" when you see mommy and daddy do it. Hilarious!
  • You love to color. This week you officially colored on something other than paper. The table runner on the dining room table has a lot of orange in it now!

  • You are such a big helper. If you spill something, you reach up for a paper towel and go and clean it up. You close the door behind us when we come inside. You like to help push the vacuum and the mop. You help mommy "fold" the laundry. And you help mommy pick up your toys at the end of the day. Let's just hope that you like to clean your room when the time comes!
  • You have no fear. You stand at the top of the stairs and leap off the top step and into our arms. You jump straight across the bed and get such a big thrill out of it! You are one brave little girl!

  • You love when daddy and I give you piggy back rides!
  • You LOVE being chased around the house!! You wear us out!!!!
  • You love playing with daddy's ipad to hear ABC's, draw, and listen to stories.

  • You love playing dress up. You will get creative with the things you see around you and turn it into a hat, a skirt, a necklace, etc. You crack us up!
  • You listen to directions and you are very obedient. But when you don't like something, you can give us quite the look!.....
  • You had a peanut butter and jelly sandwich for the first time this month...and you loved it!
  • You love french fries. Who doesn't!? : )
  • You are such a good little mommy to your baby dolls : )
  • This week we will be taking you to church for their Halloween nighttime of fun, and we know you are going to love it! We love doing special things with you!!

Ilah, you continue to bring overflowing happiness to our lives. I still stare at you, like I did when you were a wee baby, not believing that you are actually mine/ours and that I get to have the joy of raising you. You are the best gift that I have ever received in my whole life {next to God giving me your daddy}. We love you more than words can say!!!


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