Friday, October 28, 2011

Ilah & Her ABC Puzzle

I have a tendency to buy toys for Ilah that are a bit ahead of her age-range {those that are a non choking hazard}. In the first nine months or so, I understood that certain toys were important for her [and any young babies] developmental and cognitive growth, while also promoting stimulation. But as Ilah got closer to turning one, I found that most of the toys within her age-range were "piddly". I never wanted our home to turn into a "plastic playground" so I was always careful in selecting which toys would be not only fun, but also educational, for Ilah.

When she turned one, some of the presents that Ilah got for her birthday, were well passed her age-range. Because I mostly shop at places like Ross, Marshalls and Homegoods {where I score great finds}, I rarely pass up a good deal when I see something for Ilah {case in point: her step-stool that I bought from Hobby Lobby; I thought she wouldn't be able to use it for another year but she started climbing on it instantly when I brought it home}. Some things I let her play with immediately and make them "surprises" when I bring them home, and other things I may show her but then put away for a later date. Second case in point....the below Melissa & Doug ABC puzzle that I bought Ilah for her 1st birthday...

Although I considered her to be too young to put together an alphabet puzzle at just 12 months old {the packaging says 3+} I bought the puzzle {at Homegoods} because I knew that "eventually" this would be a great toy/learning puzzle for Ilah for when the appropriate time rolled around. But a few weeks ago, I decided to take it down from her closet to see if she took any interest in it.

Ilah is only 21 months old, so initially I was thinking that taking down the ABC puzzle was maybe premature...but she really took to it. By the second day, she was already putting most letters in their proper place...and by the end of the week, she knew where every single letter went - and got them right on her first attempt.

Here is Ilah this morning {in her cute fleece pj's, rockin' some bed head!} putting together her ABC puzzle....

We have one smart girl! And as you can see, she's pretty proud of herself : )


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