Wednesday, October 5, 2011

A Brush With Design. Functional and Stylish Toothbrushes from Yumaki.

Clearly oral care can be cool.

The other day I came home to some boxed goodies and in a small package postmarked from Vietnam were some fabulous toothbrushes! I tried one and sure enough, it were both comfortable and effective. Gentle on the teeth, vivid to the eyes, Yumaki stylish toothbrushes are made from 100% recyclable PP material with 100% nylon bristles imported from Japan and crafted in a factory in Vietnam.

Founded in 2009 by a Scandinavian Product Design company and a Japanese Oral Care factory, Yumaki has an evergrowing collection of high quality dental products that are both functional and fun. A collection of toothbrushes with ergonomically designed colored handles combined with medium density nylon bristles in varied designs and colors.

The brushes are packaged in clear branded cylindrical tubes and their color combinations are inspired by everything from race cars to forests:

Below are just a few from their collection:

Yumaki follows all international production standards for professional dental care products and although they looks extremely simple they not only have a great grip in the palm of your hand, they also clean your teeth and gum just as efficient as any other toothbrush produced with state of the art machines and material.

The toothbrushes make excellent gifts and if you purchase 5 sets or more, they ship free anywhere in the world. You can buy direct from Yumaki here.


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