Friday, August 26, 2011

Tropical Architecture Design

Tropical Architecture Design
Tropical modern architecture is the development of traditional architecture with additions and adjustments to the life of modern society. Tropical modern architecture have aesthetic value of buildings of modern tropical (tropical eco-friendly, according to contemporary), model building has efficiency in terms of both design and art, as well as correct in terms of functions, needs, clime and surrounding environment.
Tropical buildings should have the power accommodate the added requirement of tropical climatical conditions and energy-efficient household. Modern tropical house was present as a comfortable home with attractive design, and resistant to the tropical climate. Living in tropical regions requires a tropical environment-friendly house which is capable to protect the possessor from hot and humid, and showery and summertime seasons throughout the year. Houses designed with consideration and optimally utilize the natural resources of light and air inside the home.
Every room in the house is lit by natural light all day that go through the wide door openings, the vent windows (ventilation) around the building, and skylights in some corner of the ceiling ceiling. Cross circulation of fresh air is required to flow smoothly into the ceiling and can be accommodated when the roof is high (2.5 to 3 meters). The air flow will create fresh room, non stuffy or damp, and minimize the use of fans or air conditioning.
Home is not just a protection from the sun or rain, but home is where the human socialization process happens. Joint room space is provided as a place to mix a variety of multifunctional activities, such as living room with family room, living room with dining room and kitchen, living room with study room, etc. Build wide eaves to give shade of the porch and the building. The water receiver soil will add filtration of rain water. It is made from dry coral. In the rain, walls and floors are not muddy and slippery, clean wall of water splashing mud.
Modern house accommodate to tropical climate makes the house feel more alive and warm. The mixture of traditional architecture and tropical season fulfill the needs of modern life. The mixture of modern materials (concrete, steel, glass, fiberglass) and the natural materials (wood, stone, brick) will be a good foundation of tropical modern architecture.


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