Sunday, August 21, 2011

Back To School Cookie Platter

This past week, most of the kids at our church had their first week of being back to school. I remember those days like it was yesterday. I wanted to make some cookies to give to them as a little treat as they embark on a new school year. These, by far, were the most labor intensive cookies that I have made. Talk about a p-r-o-c-e-s-s! Icing was tinted in ten different colors, five were used just for the pencil alone, and I used both stiff and flood icing on these cookies. Here is a picture of *some* of the cookies that I made....

I made TWO batches of sugar cookie dough. I figured out two things by doing that: 1.) My mixer doubles recipes wonderfully and 2.) That's A LOT of cookies!! But I wanted to ensure that I had more than enough cookies, rather than not enough.

All of the cookies that I made couldn't fit on this platter - this is probably half of them.....

I packaged the cookies up and gave them to the Sunday School Teachers to hand out to the kiddies. Each classroom got two separate bags. You know how kids always look to see if they got less or more of something? Well, that first bag had cookies packets that all had the exact same cookie design in them so no one felt that way : ) The second bag was "extra cookies" of various designs.

I made so many cookies that each child got a second cookie package! Yay!

It was so sweet of the kids to come up to me after church and show their appreciation and in their cute little voices say, "Thank you Miss Jessica!". My feet ached for days but for them, it was worth it!! : )

In case you're wondering, the scrapbook paper overlay on the cookie packets...I purchased the paper from Hobby Lobby.


If you've missed past posts on my sugar cookies, go here for my tips and links that I suggest - and go here to see some of the designs that I have made so far.

And if you're curious....the sugar cookie is lightly crunchy on the edges and soft in the middle. Many have said they taste like shortbread or butter cookies. Oh my gosh, they are SOOOO good! I use Sweetopia's recipe, which can be found here {Sweetopia's site is AMAZING and she gives many step-by-step instructions if you're just starting out. I'm sending you to her if you'd like to see a tutorial. Print them out too! She's one of the best!}


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