Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Cabbage Patch Kids Return to the Second Generation

My mom called me from Toys-R-Us today, where she was perusing the aisles looking for toys for....who else....Ilah. I've noticed in the past month that Ilah is taking to her little baby doll that my mom got her this past Easter and puts it in her little My Little Pony Car and drives it around. Ha! She also shares her snacks with her baby, and tucks it under her arm and takes it for walks around the house. What a good little Mommy : ) Ilah has plenty of stuffed animals, but baby dolls, not so much. A few months ago I purchased her first one that we will give to her as a gift on her second birthday. But my mom didn't want to wait until then {in case you haven't noticed, she spoils Ilah} so she headed out today to buy Ilah her very first Cabbage Patch Doll!

I can't remember the exact age I was when I got my first Cabbage Patch Kid {maybe 6 or 7?} but I just LOVED mine. Back in the 80's when they first came out, Cabbage Patch Kids could hardly stay on the shelves and parents were on a mission to score one for their child. I remember my first doll was named Melissa. Then came Faith. Then Leon. The ones that came after were equally loved...I just can't remember their names ; )

I remember the old school dolls had hair made of yarn, their body's were plush, and they came with their own birth certificate.

I fully got in to these dolls. I had the playpen, the car-seat...I had it all. Even the Cabbage Patch "record"....and I still remember the song: "Cabbage Patch Kids...growing in the garden....Cabbage Patch Kids...growing in the sun. The most amazing thing about a Cabbage Patch that each one grows to be a special one". Ha ha! All these years later and I still remember that song! Classic!

I love that Cabbage Patch Kids are still around. My mom still has some of my old ones {the one's whose hair I didn't cut!}...and I'm excited for our Ilah to get one of her own! I loved being "mommy" to my Cabbage Patch Kids and I know Ilah will too.

A few years ago when my husband and I took a trip to the mountains {in Helen, GA} we passed "Babyland General Hospital". It was seemingly in the middle of nowhere - it caught my eye for that reason, and also because the sign said "Home of the Cabbage Patch Kids". Say what?!

The home of the Cabbage Patch Kids is right here in Clevland, GA - about an hour and a half from where I live. I still think Ilah is too young to visit but what a super fun trip that will be in a few years!!

The "hospital" is massive! And it's always decorated so pretty for Christmas. That would be a great time to go.

I read a lot of great reviews about Babyland General Hospital - they have SO MUCH going on there!! And the cost of admission? FREE!!

Cabbage Patch "Kids" have changed since the "old school" days but they are still super cute....

Cabbage Patch "Babies"....

And now, just released, is this new line of Cabbage Patch Dolls....

Measuring at 14″, these dolls were made to match today’s kids… Skaters, Prepsters, Artsy, and more!

And out on the market already are these "Pop N' Style Me" Cabbage Patch Kids....

You can create lots of fun and funky hair styles in your dolls hair, with different hair clips. Too funny!

I love that this brand has dolls of different ethnicities.

And lastly, have you seen the Barack Obama, Joe Biden, John McCain and Sarah Palin Cabbage Patch dolls from 2008? Hilarious!!


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