Thursday, August 18, 2011

Planning Ilah's 2nd Birthday Party {Ideas So Far!}

I have succombed to the addiction that is Pinterest. It's internet crack. And lately, I've been taking in a lot of it. It all started one day when my door bell rang and I received an unexpected package from my closest girlfriend Jennifer. Knowing that I am already in planning mode for Ilah's 2nd birthday, and knowing that the theme is "Our Cupcake is Turning 2!", she sent me this book:

After I got done crying {because I just love her so much and her friendship...well, there are just no words for it}, I sat down right away {while Ilah was napping}, and starting going through the book page by page, folding over the corner of the pages that had recipes that I wanted to test out/make for Ilah's birthday. I got SO MUCH inspiration from it, as Jennifer knew I would!! I love you Jen!!

The planning for Ilah's second birthday party has been underway in my head for quite a while. Back in April, I posted this inspiration board that I made of ideas that I wanted to implement for Ilah's special day...

Receiving that book from Jen, made me sign up on Pinterest...and it didn't take me very long before I started "pinning" cupcake recipes and frostings and more birthday party ideas. Here are some of the things I have in mind:

Color scheme:

I'll be doing something similar to this on Ilah's birthday cupcake so it stands out from the rest:

I love the flowery branches in the middle of the dessert table and the various elements used to comprise it:

Aside from the food for adults, little PB&J sandwiches for the little ones:

As you may have seen on my blog, we are somewhat addicted to cupcakes from a bakery close to our home. They make their way into our kitchen a little too often. My goal is to make all the cupcakes for Ilah's party myself, but Jilly's will be my back-up if my attempts aren't all that great:

Their salted caramel cupcake is my FAV. I want to lick my screen just looking at those cupcakes. Chances are zero percent that I can walk into Jilly's and they will hand over the recipe for their salted caramel cupcakes over to me, so I'm gonna try making the one below and see how it compares:

Cake pops. Gonna attempt to make these too {doing a trial run well in advance}:

And how SUPER CUTE and visually appealing are these cupcake skewers!? To me, they look easier to make than the cake pops above:

And of course I'll be making sugar cookies decorated with royal icing, and plan to replicate this super cute design:

A bit ago, I visited the William Sonoma outlet and bought this darling set of mini cupcake cups:

I thought it would be cute to have a set of cupcakes with these fabric pom-pom's in them as toppers:

And WHOA!! Check out this GORGEOUS display of cupcakes!!! I won't be using huge cupcake tiers but perhaps I'll be able to somewhat replicate this look on smaller stands:

And then there's these SUPER CUTE cupcake boxes by Meri Meri. As adorable as they are, they are a bit pricey at $8.45 {+$5.99 for shipping} for a large 3 pack so I'm on the fence about them. Each box holds 3 cupcakes. I anticipate that we will have leftover cupcakes and I definitely don't want them staying in our home!

Source: via Jessica on Pinterest

I have a lot more to share in future posts!!


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