Monday, July 11, 2011

Momma Got Some New Couches!

Two posts in one day! What?! When was the last time that happened? Your guess is as good as mine!

In the post below I mentioned that we bought two new couches over the weekend! Momma {that would be me!} is super excited and I cannot wait until my new beauties arrive! We purchased 2 couches because I love the look of two couches, not to mention that it provides more seating. I was on the hunt for a particular style and after going to multiple stores over the weekend, I remembered that there was one store where I spotted a couch that I loved about four years ago when I went with my mom to pick out her new furniture. I looked up the store online, saw that the couch was displayed on their site and called them crossing my fingers that they still carried it, even all this time later. And...they did!!! Here are the couches that we purchased....
When we went to see them in person, not only did I like them, but so did the hubby. Initially I wanted couches that were a tad lighter in color but with having a little one around {and with the plan of adding at least another one to our family} this hue is perfect. We got an incredible deal and also got a 5 year warranty that covers everything you can imagine.

The couches also come with the pillows shown, but they don't match the color scheme in our home so I will package them up {maybe keep out the one in the middle} and get some nice new pillows to go on them.This is the same layout that we will be putting our new couches will be facing our fireplace as shown below, and the other one will be to the left of it. Eventually when we get a bigger home, this is my vision for our living area....two couches facing eachother with two plush chairs in the mix. A warm gathering space with lots of seating!
This piece {that is on a wall near our entryway} pretty much sums up the color scheme in our home so I'm hoping to find some ornate pillows with these colors in them... I like the pillow below that incorporates lots of colors into it! I'm gonna be on a mission now for the perfect pillows in the right color combos ; )Eventually {when we move and have a larger living room space}, I'd love to get a leather ottoman like the one below.

all professional photos seen on Decor Pad

Our new couches are due to arrive in a few weeks! Once everything has been set up, with new touches in place, I'll post pics : )


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