Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Newsworthy Nails. How To Give Yourself A Newspaper Transfer Manicure.

You know how when you read a traditional newspaper, the ink tends to get all over your fingers? Well, here's a way to take stylish advantage of that text transfer... turn it into a manicure!

How to do it:
You'll need scissors, nail polish base coat, a pale nail polish color, any newspaper, alcohol (such as vodka or other clear spirits) and a top coat.

Applying a base coat and two coats of color varnish.
Pour the alcohol in a glass.
Cut small pieces of newspaper large enough to cover your nails.
When your nails are dry, soak them in the alcohol.

Cover your nails with small pieces of newspaper.
Remove small pieces of newsprint slowly. The ink will be left on the nail surface.
Let dry and apply a layer of top coat.
And Voila!

Thanks to Zuzu at Passion Nail Art for the info and images (where the same information can be found in French)


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