Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Ilah, 16 Months Old

Ilah, last week you turned 16 months old. On that exact day, I took these photos of you - on May 12th. You are growing not only in beauty, but also in your personality! And boy, do you have a BIG one!! So what are you up to? Let's see....

You LOVE being outside. When we bring you in, you have a meltdown. A total, complete meltdown. Accompanied with tears and kicking. I'm sure you would prefer to have your crib outside so that you could always feel the breeze blowing by you.

You love bubbles. You get so excited when you see them floating through the air. You take the wand and try to blow them yourself but can't do it quite yet.

You have started to become a picky eater. Uh oh! Right now your favorite things to eat are eggs, pasta and fruit.

You have started to climb the stairs one foot at a time, rather than on your knees. In fact, you are starting/trying to climb most things now {the pillows on our bed in an attempt to crawl up our headboard, and you are also now trying to climb onto the couch}.
You love having shoes on your feet. Whether your own - or mommy or daddy's : ) Anytime you see shoes, you put your foot into them!

You understand every single direction that we give you. You are so smart Ilah!

You always wake up with a smile!! ALWAYS!!

You like to move things from one area of the room to another. Lately you've been moving around the barstools in the kitchen. They aren't are one strong little girl!

Speaking of the kitchen, it's time for us to begin cooking on the stove's back burner's. You are just about tall enough to reach up and put your little hands where they aren't supposed to go.
Mommy plays a CD of bible songs when we are in the car and you just love the music! You clap your hands, hit your knees, and shake your body to the music! So cute!

You don't like to be carried. You want down and you want your freedom!

You are now totally into your riding toys and scoot around from one room to the next, pressing your horn and saying "weee!!". Yesterday you climbed on top of your Disney riding toy, with both feet, and stood on the seat!

You LOVE to give us kisses! It's the sweetest thing ever!! And we can't get enough of them!!

It's now come to are on one nap a day. It started this week.
You run around all over the place!! I've said it before...and I'll say it are one busy little girl! You hardly ever sit still. For a girl that doesn't have too much sugar, you sure do have A LOT of energy!! Ha ha!!

Your new favorite toy is the "Dora & Boots" bathtoys that your Abuela bought for you probably eight months ago. You often bring one or the other to mommy and we sit and play with them. You still sleep with your favorite stuffed animal - your pink puppy {that daddy named Rufea}. Oh how you love your little puppy!

And I have to add this, just so I follow mommy around A LOT - and this includes following me into the bathroom. For a while now you have been in a stage of copying everything that you see me doing. So now you take some toilet paper off of the role and wipe yourself {with your clothes on} cracks me up!!
We have a hard time telling you "No". I mean...look at that face!! I told Daddy recently that we can't let you get away with things as much anymore! Ha!

You love going to church and playing with all of the other little ones there. The nursery workers can't help but see what a busy little girl you are but they notice how sweet you are and dote on you endlessly!

Today we went to story time at a book store and Ilah, my were all over the place and man, did you make mommy sweat! I think you are still a little too young. We will try again when you are a bit older. But like daddy said, at least we tried ; )


Love, Mommy & Daddy


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