Friday, May 27, 2011

As If I Need Another Hobby

I always thought that sugar cookies decorated with royal icing were not only so cute, but essentially a work of edible art! I assumed that it was something that I would never personally master - or even be somewhat good at - so I never made an attempt...prior to this past Easter {when I finally decided to give it a try; you can read how that went here}. I did make some chocolate chip smiley face cookies for my friend Jennifer, and found out that royal icing wasn't as hard to work with as I had thought. It made me eager to find a good sugar cookie recipe and really see if I could make some adorable cookies of my own. I did a post after Mothers Day, in which I shared photos heart shaped zebra sugar cookies that I made {which turned out so darn cute if I do say so myself!}, but Blogger went whack the next day and that post was removed from my blog. Those of you who use Blogger were all too familiar with the frusteration of a post deletion, especially if it was as long as mine was. Some of you may have seen that post, because I did get some comments, but within hours it "vanished". Anyways....those zebra cookies were my first attempt at decorating sugar cookies.

These ice-cream cone shaped cookies were my second attempt....

I made these last weekend to take to our church's BBQ. I got a little brave in using multiple colors, which meant that these little creations took a while to make, as it took about an hour just to make all the icing colors. But I had lots of fun doing them!

They aren't perfect; I still have lots to learn. But as a nearly first timer, they didn't turn out too shabby : )

My sugar cookie recipe came from this site. The first time I tried it {when I made my zebra stripped cookies}, the cookies didn't spread and remained perfect in shape. This time, however, they spread a bit {even after omitting baking powder; I was also careful not to overmix}; I'm not sure what happened. I will keep experimenting!

You can also see that the brown icing didn't set properly. After going to a few sites of cookie pro's, it seems that it may have been because of the humidity? Or maybe because the flood icing wasn't thick enough? Again...I will keep experimenting : )

After the cookies were completely set, I packaged them up {laying them between individual pieces of parchment paper so that they would't stick together} in an airtight container.
And off they went to the church BBQ where they were a BIG hit!!

The BBQ was lots of fun and Ilah had a great time running around, playing with bubbles, drawing with sidewalk chalk, and eating lots of watermelon!.....

We are loving our new church home! My mom has started attending as well. So thankful to be growing in connection with some wonderful people and growing in my walk with God too!


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