Friday, August 20, 2010

Can You Stand It?

Ilah has shown us a few things....

1.) That playing with the lid of the box that contains her toys is far more entertaining than actually playing with any of the toys.


2.) That she likes the standing view of the top of the lid!

Yes, Ilah is standing! All on her own! How did this happen so fast??!!

Ilah stood for the first time yesterday. We knew that Miss Persistent was bound to show us her "big girl" standing moves because last week she started to pull up to the standing position when she was in her playpen, and also when climbing on us when we were on the floor playing with her. And then it came....Yesterday when Ilah was playing with her daddy in her room, he came down stairs saying that she was standing solid and on her own. Obviously she was pretty proud of herself because all night she kept showing us her new move! Over, and over...and over again : )

At first I was spastic about the hardwood case she fell and bumped her head. But Ilah is one sturdy girl! And those cute little chunky legs of hers provides extra padding ; ) Not to mention the extra cushion of Pampers! Of course I always am close and keep an eye on her....but even then, I wish that our floors were made of bean bags because a potential head bump is what I'm always worried about! But this is all a part of it, right? The mommy worries, while the baby is fearlessly making new discoveries. I know I'm not the first mommy who lives in a house with hardwoods floors and has a baby. And as Ilah has hit new milestones {no pun intended!}, the hardwood floors have never been an issue {when she began to roll over, when she started to crawl, etc.} So I just have to believe that as she begins to stand and walk, that she will be just fine on the hardwoods. But even still....I'm always bringing her back to the carpet ; ) I think the resolution that will calm my nerves a bit is getting one of those superyard gates {which can create as big of a space as you want; you just buy add-on's} that allow a large area for your baby to play in but keeps them confined to one area {which, in my case, would be a carpeted area} ; )

No wonder Ilah is doing so much so fast! She's working those muscles! I caught her doing some reps this morning! ha!

I have a feeling that I'm going to have a walker on my hands sooner rather than later!


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