Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Prepping for Thanksgiving

I am taking a break between baking mini pecans pies and prepping my stuffed zuchinni to do a quick blog post. Thank goodness that Mr. Wonderful was home today from work! It's been a looong day for both of us - he helped out so much with Ilah while I prepped our home for tomorrow's Thanksgiving celebration. The table is set, special touches are in place, goodies have made their way in and out of the oven, and Ilah's cute little dress has been ironed {I made a matching bow for it tonight}. I know that little girl cannot wait to dig her little hands into some yummy Thanksgiving food! The aroma of Thanksgiving has filled our home since sunrise and we all can't wait until tomorrow's gathering.

This is the very first Thanksgiving that we are having together as a family of 3 - our very first Thanksgiving in our home - the first Thanksgiving that I have cooked nearly everything by myself - the very first Thanksgiving that I have ever hosted {technically, "we" - my husband did chop up the sweet potatoes and season the turkey! Gotta give credit where it's due. *wink*.}.

I've been looking forward to this day with excitement as if I'm initiating myself into "the club" - joining ranks with the elite women, wives, and moms who toil endlessly for hours {heck, days, weeks, months} to make Thanksgiving day just perfect. Do I get a badge or something once all the dishes are in the sink, bellys are full, and the guests have left? If not, I'm stopping everything now! ; )

While I wish I could go soak in the tub {my feet are throbbing}, that won't happen for another few hours, if at all tonight. I am so blessed to have an amazing husband - and not just because he is always telling me to put my feet up for a foot rub! ; ) It's nearly 11:30 p.m. and I've been going non-stop all day. Literally. I only took a quick break to scarf down some lunch around 1 p.m. Let me tell takes days to prep for hosting a large gathering. There is no way that I could have done all that I have done over the last few days on the "day of". No way.

My husbands family will be coming over tomorrow, along with some of their friends, and of course, my mother will be here too. Undoubtedly, Ilah will steal the show and no one but me will notice that I lined the dessert platter with embellished paper or that I scoured the internet for days looking for the best pecan pie recipe. But alas, we will all be gathered together, sharing in love and laughter - and the day will be one to remember...forever.

Wishing you all many joyful moments as you celebrate the beauty of Thanksgiving.


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