Thursday, November 4, 2010

Do It Delicious

This morning on Regis and Kelly, Kelly Ripa did a plug for guest Jessica Seinfield {one of the guests on their show today who is there to promote her new cookbook, Double Delicious}, by mentioning that she has a wonderful website full of valuable information that us women {and men too} may find very helpful.

So because my interest was peeked, I took to the internet to see for myself if I found the site {} to be helpful. And YES, it was! So I wanted to share it with you too!

The site tells you what a well stocked kitchen looks like - staple items that you should always have on hand to whip up an easy, delicious dish in no time!

Go here to see the full list.

I especially liked the page "Know Thy Chicken" where she breaks down the difference between organic, range free, hormone free, kosher, and natural.

She goes on to further explain the difference between the various cuts.

Go here to see the above two pages in their entirety.

There's also a page that gives your information about herbs and how they compliment certain foods.

Go here to roll over the herb to get information about the herb, how to use it, and how to prepare it.

If you've ever wanted a basic lesson on reading a food label, there is one on the site that is broken down for you...

Go here to see this page in it's entirety.

There's also a page that describes how to use certain knives...

And I also really liked the tupperware recommendation for storing food after it's been prepared and cooked!

I haven't read either of Jessica Seinfield's two cookbooks but my interest has now been peeked.

As stated on the Do It Delicious website, Jessica’s first cookbook, Deceptively Delicious, is a #1 New York Times bestseller, with well over 1 million copies sold. Now she’s back with a second book, Double Delicious!, which includes wholesome recipes for everyone. In both books, Jessica makes cooking easy by using simple ingredients and basic techniques. Most of her recipes take 30 minutes or less and all of them are absolutely delicious.

You can also check out the sites blog, and if you're a food lover, or love to cook, check out the links noted on the blog to the right!

You can go here to see Jessica prepare a roasted chicken on Oprah, read q's and a's that she's "dished out", print out Jessica's grocery shopping esssentials, and get many more of the cooking techniques that she uses when preparing meals.


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