Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Money Minded Moms

Suze Orman was on a morning program that I was watching last week and right before she went off the air, she mentioned that she has a site called Money Minded Moms - save more, worry less.

As a caretaker to our children, and thinking ahead about their future, many moms {and dads} are seeking out ways to cut costs, how to get out {and stay out} of debt, how to properly manage {and invest} money, and have a plethora of other money minded matters on the brain. This site by Suze Orman is one that I wanted to share here on my blog because it truly is a great "go-to" for articles {How to Save Before You Spend, Healthy Food on a Budget, Christmas with No Debt {which is why I always start my Christmas shopping in the summer} - and so many more great reads!

Within the Money Minded Moms website are various tools, valuable information, sound advice, and even a forum where you can connect with other moms. The home page itself is packed with great stuff.

Furthermore, as a stay-at-home-mom {working hard inside of the home I might add!}, we are a one income family. Because of that, I am always on top of our budget, calculating and recalculating savings, retirement and emergency plans, and am always being mindful of how we spend our money as I always have our long term goals in mind {my husband operates in the same mentality}.

About a month ago, I came across a few articles by Suze Orman that were great reads for one income families {Building a Nest Egg on One Salary, Where to Find Money to Save and Four Money Mistakes Single Income Families Make}. If you are a one income family, I would suggest that you read these articles.

Suze Orman, Clark Howard, Dave Ramsey - all very popular financial guru's. Do you have a favorite? Perhaps it's not one of the ones mentioned above. What great tool have you learned, that you are now applying, that has made things better for you? Let's share! Here is a big one of mine {coupon clippping, with tips at the end for how to get many companies to lower your monthly bills} and this one {meal planning}. I also shared in this post about a book I read called How to Debt Proof Your Marriage, by Mary Hunt - which covers so much more than just "debt". GREAT book!!


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