Monday, November 1, 2010

I Took A Nap With My Daughter...In The Garage

Not on the floor.

Let me explain....

Aside from last Friday, I can't remember the last time that I napped while my baby napped. The #1 advice that I got from so many people once I had a baby was, "Sleep when your baby sleeps". I never adhered to that advice. Well, maybe not "never". Rarely is more the right word. It wasn't intentional. My type A personality just wouldn't allow me to drift into a state of tranquility knowing that there were so many other things to tend to while Ilah was napping. I just couldn't dismiss all of the "things" floating around in my head. I'm sure many women can relate. So instead of using Ilah's nap time to take a nap myself, I chose to tend to housework, schedule appointments, take a bath, make progress with my to-do list, catch up on emails, get a head start on dinner, etc. The same still holds true today.

But last Friday, while driving home with Ilah from visiting my mom, I looked back through the mirror and saw Ilah fast asleep. On the very short ride home, I myself grew tired and I found myself wanting to do exactly what my 9 old baby was doing - I wanted to have a nice little nap.

When I pulled into our driveway, I opened the garage door...drove inside...closed the garage door behind me...turned the engine off...took my seat belt off...took a deep sigh...rested my head back against the headrest...closed my eyes...and took a nap. In the car. With my daughter.

And although my nap lasted just all of maybe three minutes, {because apparently babies realize when they aren't being driven anymore?} the quick mid-day shut eye that I haven't had in quite a long time felt rather nice. Each one of those minutes felt much longer than sixty seconds.

I only wish that nap in the garage would have lasted for at least another twenty-seven minutes Because those combined thirty minutes probably would have felt like hours {I intentionally stayed outside so that I wouldn't be distracted by the things to do inside}. But I take what I can get...even if it's a quick three minute nap in the garage with my sweet baby girl in the back seat.


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