Sunday, November 27, 2011

Oh Christmas Tree!

Every year, I put up our Christmas tree the day after Thanksgiving. It was a tradition that we had while I was growing up - and it's a tradition that I am upholding with my family. This year I did something a little different with our tree and added peacock feathers to the mix! The tree itself isn't much different than last years Christmas tree, as all the same ornaments were used again this time around, but I beautified it a bit more by adding peacock ribbon throughout the tree, adding some teal bulbs, and doing away with a big bow as the tree topper and creating something more fancier this year!...

I love how the "tree topper" turned out!! I always thought this "spray of various branches" look was so pretty when seeing it on other Christmas trees...I was unsure if I could pull it off myself - but I thought I would give it a try...and really, it wasn't complicated at all!

Ilah's Christmas tree is also up in her room!! I actually put it together before I tackled our big family tree....

For those wondering...Ilah definitely takes notice of her pretty tree, but she doesn't pull on the ornaments. She admirers them by pointing at them and/or gently holding a few {while they are still on the limb} and saying "pretty!". But mostly, she passes right by the tree and moves on to playing with her toys! Ha!

I only intended to put up these two Christmas tree this year and forgo decorating the house as I did last year, but then when I started going through my Christmas bins, I couldn't resist diving in and pulling things out to put in place again this year! I still need to take pictures of the other Christmas decor that I've put up in our home. I will be posting those photos soon! Come back Friday! : )

Hope you all are having a wonderful December!!


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