Sunday, August 14, 2011

Two US-led troops killed in Afghan war

Sun Aug 14, 2011 1:35PM GMT

At least two US-led foreign soldiers have been killed in separate attacks in Afghanistan as foreign forces continue to experience some of their deadliest days in the war-torn country

French military officials said one French soldier was shot dead in Afghanistan's eastern Kapisa Province.

Meanwhile, Britain's ministry of Defense said a bomb attack killed one British soldier in southern Helmand Province in Afghanistan.

According to the website,, nearly 400 foreign soldiers, mostly Americans, have been killed in Afghanistan so far this year.

In separate attacks, multiple bomb blasts and a gun-battle left at least 22 people dead in central Afghanistan.

The attacks targeted the governor's compound in Parwan Province.

Officials say most of the dead are civilians. Over 30 other people were injured.

The Taliban have claimed responsibility for the attack in Parwan.

Violence across Afghanistan is at its highest level since the US-led war began in the war-torn country in 2001.

The security situation remains fragile in Afghanistan despite the presence of about 150,000 US-led foreign forces.

Afghan civilians are bearing the brunt of the escalation in their country.

The US-led war in Afghanistan, with civilian and military casualties at record highs, has become the longest war in the US history.



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